Has the PlayStation 4 been pushed to its limits?

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Almost every new playstation console since the advent of the playstation 1 has been pushed to their limits, so far there have been rumours and few confirmations of a playstation 5, so do you think the playstation 4 has been pushed to its performance and graphical limits especially with the games ?

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By the quality of god of war I'd say yes. The last of us 2 will get the most out of the system similarly to how 1 pushed the PS3.

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@robert_sparkes: we'll just have to wait and see, a game like gta VI would have the potential to squeeze every ounce on the console as well

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Given how some recent games are performing on PS4, especially the base model, I’d say yes

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Yeah without a doubt. RD2 has topped it.

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RDR2 last of us 2 ghost of tsushima ps4 pushed to its limit

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Yea I'd say so.

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@CTR360: the last of us 2??

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Usually the last big AAAE realease on a console pushing the systems limit to the core. God of War 2 on the PS2 and The Last of Us did that.

I'm guessing next year The Last of Us 2 or Ghost of Tsushima will blow us away and it'll be a great send off.

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Masayoshi Shdo's Cruise

Futaba's Tomb

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See what the new RTX cards will do, we certainly know that the way games are made now, we are hitting the top of where it can go.