Guide: How to put videos on your PS3 for Dummies :)

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Ok so I know that some people dont really know how to get a video/movie onto their PS3. I got around 6 movies on my PS3, and I'll tell you how I did it (without a USB) :) Its really simple!

1. Download Ps3 Video 9 from Red Kawa.

- After downloaded, open it up and click on the "Convert" tab up top.

- At the bottom of the window, click "Select File" and open up the video you want to convert.

- Choose the video settings (the better you want it, the longer it'll take to convert). After, click on the "Set Title" tab on the bottom (its to the right of "Select File")

- Click "Start Converting".

**Make sure you dont X out of PS3 Video 9!! Or the converting will stop! Instead, minimize it **

**Dont turn off your PC while the converting is in progress! Then you'll have to start the converting all over again**

2. While the video is converting, download PS3 Media Center X.

- After the video is done converting, open up PS3 Media Center X. Turn on your PS3 too.

- On the small window that pops up, click "Launch Media Center". A new window should pop up.

- Open up the internet browser on your PS3. Next, on the small PS3 Media Center X window, you should see http:// then a bunch of numbers after that. (Its under where it says "Media Center is Active").

- In the internet browser on your PS3, open up the address bar and type in that exact address that is shown in the small PS3 Media Center X window on your PC screen. Hit enter.

- You should see a window that looks just like the one that you opened up on the computer screen (when you clicked "Launch Media Center"). You can now stream anything from your computer on to your Ps3!

- Go to the PS3. In the internet browser, click "My Files."

- click "C:"

- Click "Documents and Settings"

- Click on your user name

- Click "My Documents"

- Click "Converted Videos"

- Click PS3, then MPEG-AVC

- You should be able to see the converted video, click on it, then download it.

- Hooray! You just streamed a movie onto your PS3!

Well, this is it! This is exactly the steps I go through to put a video on to my PS3. You can do this to get pictures, movies, music, ANYTHING on to your PS3!

If anyone finds a mistake, please message it to me!

Hope this helps all you oblivious people who dont know how to get stuff on your Ps3 =]