GTA: San Andreas Stories - release date soon?

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My friend told me that HMV have a release date for GTA: San Andreas Stories. It suppose to be coming out soon. Is this true?
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GTA: San Andres Stories's ad has been on HMV for more than a year now , their last update was Jun 2007 , so read it.

Jun 2007

When Liberty City Stories was released on PSP, Rockstar took the world of their beloved PS2 title GTA 3, created new characters and story, and added exciting new features such as ad-hoc WiFi multiplayer modes. Following a successful port to from PSP to PS2, it was only a matter of time until 2004's GTA: Vice City experienced the same destiny.

With San Andreas the only city in the GTA universe yet receive the Stories treatment, we wouldn't be surprised if Rockstar eventually end up bringing out 'San Andreas Stories' on PSP and/or PS2. There's no word from the developers about the game at this stage, but if you sign up by clicking the above link, we'll get in touch with you the second that the game is available to pre-order. If it ever does come out, that is.

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ha ha ha lol, if they ever..... i would be the first to buy it

but right now i think the developers off gta are taking a break fromm all the hard work from gta4 so maybe later in the year they will announce something, or maybe E3

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No, GTA IV is the only GTA I really like, I've played nearly all of them and the rest are only good for flying tanks.
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San Andreas was a very taxing game on the ps2, so bringing stories to the psp would pose a significant challenge in my opinion. It's definitely possible, but I see some technical issues that need to be worked out first. If gta has sold well for the psp, which I know it has, they probably will bring it out sooner or later.

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That's the best fake I've ever seen..

On-topic: I think, there won't be a GTA: San Andreas Stories. There is GTA V coming out with HD San Andreas, and awesome gameplay. Say goodbye to that project.

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My friend told me that HMV have a release date for GTA: San Andreas Stories. It suppose to be coming out soon. Is this true?KieranF1
Dunno, but I'd like to see one released :)
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Forget San Andreas Stories, I would love to see San Andreas on the THAT would sell me!
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Old thread, but I can bet it won't come out. They should've brought that to PSP along since they brought Chinatown wars...