Great Action game in 2019 - Sekiro Shadows Die Twice but not the best in their Series

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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is released in March 2019. Moreover, this exciting ARPG will enter a rapidly growing market. In recent years, the sub-genre has seen a slew of releases — some of which stand-out as household titles along with their Soul Series. Indeed, this ARPG format is a niche bracket that not much other studio is able to achieve, especially in hardcore action game nowadays. Even more, reason then, for this game to flourish in its respective field.

Sekiro Again achieved the best graphic nowadays and raise a noise in the Action Game market once again. However, compared to their previous series Dark Souls which have achieved a great success in the market, Sekiro has some obvious issues that are not meeting the very high quality bar of Soul Series. Here are the points:

1. Lack of PVP and Networking Elements

One of the major issues of Sekiro is that they have no PVP system. Unlike Sekiro, Dark Souls can involve PVP by either invasion or assistant. This creates much more post-ending experience as players can still enjoy the game by PVP after beating the game. In addition, you can ask for friends or someone online to assist you when you have no idea how to beat the bosses. But now, you are really alone in Sekiro. If you are blocked by some check points, you either train up yourself or just take another game.

2. Lack of replay value as there is only one weapon

Another successful factor of Soul Series is that you can freely pick up your favorite weapon. In Sekiro, you always use your own sword. No upgrade and no change. This could be quite a disappointment for the Soul Fans as you have more than 100 weapons you can choose from Soul Series and this is fun to explore which weapon is the best for each scenario. However, you only get one of the only one sword in Sekiro now.

3. Enemy's Design is limited by the background

In Dark Soul, you can have Sekiro's monsters as there is a fantasy world. However, in Sekiro, monsters are kind of limited due to the historical background. You cannot have a dragon in the game or you cannot have a huge tower-sided monster in Sekiro. You are almost facing human-typed enemies throughout the entire game. You get not much amazing feel after boss by boss as you have already felt it a bit repeating in the later stage.

Despite all of the drawbacks above, Sekiro is still a great game and should be one of the best action game in 2019, but just not meeting the height of other Soul's games. I still strongly recommend Sekiro to everyone.

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great game i love it one of the best games this year for me i agree with you not the best in their series

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I prefer Bloodborne. Its not perfect either but the atmospohere is richer and gorgeous, the lore and the gameplay is nice.