Grand Theft Auto IV Box Shot - Real or Not?

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not even a trailer comes out and they have that...... jajajaja

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Looks pretty meh to me, I wasn't fooled :P
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Ummmmmm, here's a good question. Did you read the end of the article where they said it was a.......FAKE!
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Though it would be awesome if the made a 70s GTA. I would mark out for that.


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its fake, the boxart is one of the final things they do, they have much more important work to do like, for once making the hands look like hands no some deform foot on your arm.
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I wanna play dirty harry.
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It's fake.
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#9 Posted by Gozel (308 posts) -
i read it..... im just saying that becouse that is the last thing they do the box picture format.... i laugh becouse they think we are stup...
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its a fan made pic its fake