good PSP games for girls?

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#1 Posted by someone6669 (252 posts) -

My gf seems interested in playing PSP games with me. Problem is, she can't get into the kind of games i play (MGS : PO, Castlevania... etc). She seemed to like Daxter, but not that much.

Do you have any recommendations for PSP games that girls might like. Hopefully it would be something that i would be into as well :D

thanks in advance

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#2 Posted by stubbies1 (188 posts) -

barbie ponys maybe?

well seriosly maybe loco roco, patapon maybe, crash tag team all i can think of at the mo

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#3 Posted by Dreamable (600 posts) -
Well Patapon is like a game (In my mind) that is meant for everyone to like. I mean its fun and simple, so anyone would be able to pick it up and play :D.
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#4 Posted by horseyjesse (565 posts) -


It is way cute, and even some of my guy friends find it fun.

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#5 Posted by TheLordHimself (3316 posts) -
LocoRoco! I still think that it's the best game on PSP.
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#6 Posted by Mau-Justice (4907 posts) -

My gf seems interested in playing PSP games with me. Problem is, she can't get into the kind of games i play (MGS : PO, Castlevania... etc). She seemed to like Daxter, but not that much.

Do you have any recommendations for PSP games that girls might like. Hopefully it would be something that i would be into as well :D

thanks in advance


I'm buying my GF a PSP for her birthday, I'm going with Puzzle Quest (She plays it on my XBLA) and I'm still stumped for what else. She's not a Loco Roco or a Patapon fan, so I'm trying to figure it out as well.

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#7 Posted by sahib1988 (204 posts) -


game + music = awsome

also,echocrome and flow are good,maybe me and my katamari,loco roco,patapon,etc. etc. if you're young.

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#8 Posted by Huntar12345 (62 posts) -
Patapon ! now thats a game for everyone :D
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#9 Posted by hockey73 (8281 posts) -
hmm like someone said above, that katamari game, if shes a fan of RPG's i would to say Legend of Heroes: Tear in Vermillion.
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#10 Posted by crazypal (527 posts) -
this might sound alittle off to some of ya but I say god of war. she might tell ya she doesn't like it but secretly at night she's gonna go killin some gods. I think everyone likes it since it's easy, has a nice story "emotional" & lets you know some interesting stuff about greek mythology but that's just my opinion.
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#11 Posted by ChesterTheWorm (175 posts) -

Get Gurumin:A Monstrous Adventure the cover looks like some kiddy game but it isnt a kiddie game :P i should know becuz i actually played this game & its a good RPG but short

And to top it off the main character is female so she'll like it

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#12 Posted by Falcon51 (27 posts) -
My girl friend likes puzzle games like lumines and gunpey. She really likes hot shots golf. She likes it because not only is it fun, but it doesn't require a lot of skill and is easy to pick up. Also the fact that you earn different clothing and accessories to put on your character.
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#13 Posted by 109630 (163 posts) -
god of war chain of olympus
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#14 Posted by Sony_Patriot (384 posts) -

god of war chain of olympus109630

You have got to be kidding me, maybe ape escape, everybody loves a good racing game, hot shots, mega man, ratchet and clank, thrillville, the sims, worm and crush

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#15 Posted by piranha_inc (1994 posts) -
A friend's gf really liked Crash of the Titans and Luxor the wrath of seth. Another friend's gf loves Loco Roco, she also kinda liked Brave Story New Traveler but not that much
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#16 Posted by JGHOST (80 posts) -
I got my gf a psp and she likes Daxter and Tekken DR, i would suggest picking up patapon and lumines.
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#17 Posted by -carrots- (84 posts) -
pata pata pata pon
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#18 Posted by TheLegendKnight (1853 posts) -

Well Patapon is like a game (In my mind) that is meant for everyone to like. I mean its fun and simple, so anyone would be able to pick it up and play :D. Dreamable

yes i was going to say that. Patapon is for the universe!

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#19 Posted by Talldude80 (6321 posts) -
just download some demos and let her try em out. its kinda crazy to spend 20 or 40 bucks on a game you havent played yet nowadays. thats how i see it. fortunately there are 2 blockbusters by me that rent out psp games. and i download almost every demo from the playstationstore
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#20 Posted by 109630 (163 posts) -

GTA it was a huge hit with some girl on the field trip. she liked it honestly

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#21 Posted by arctrooper48 (1427 posts) -
Just about every girl I know like Tekken, or some other fighting game.
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#22 Posted by GhostOfSparta21 (296 posts) -
Well, diner dash, and patapon... i think thats pretty much it. NDS seems more girly to me anyway.
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#23 Posted by mm551144 (427 posts) -

god of war chain of olympus109630

LOL thats funny

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#24 Posted by 109630 (163 posts) -
that wasn't a joke
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#25 Posted by slimchio123 (59 posts) -
Bomber man, dinner dash and lumines
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#26 Posted by brownwhale (717 posts) -
Well I got a PSp from a girl with 7 games. I trades her my DS with one game for that and 1 gb mem stick. Kinda a rip off for her but whatev. So her game were Loco Roco, Out run 2006, SSX on tour, Tony hawks Progect 8 and underground 2, Mind quiz and ATV off road fury. Maybe your GF might like those games. Loco roco for sure.
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#27 Posted by GhostOfSparta21 (296 posts) -

Nice to see someone agrees with me about diner dash, and brownwhale just proved my point about NDS.

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#28 Posted by ClassicPlayer (1003 posts) -
Me and My Katamari is quite good, so she might like that. Others I would say would be either Juiced/Need For Speed and Beats(from PSN).
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#29 Posted by naruto7777 (8059 posts) -
Crisis core
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#30 Posted by jasper061992 (1152 posts) -

Yeah, she could have a kick at them Mercury games, get the both, they are pretty fun. I got them. That aside, locoroco, pata pata patapon (lol). Well, thats all i could recommend. But the DS has Sh*tload more games that are suitable for girls.

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#31 Posted by MuscularTanMan (25 posts) -

There is no such thing as a boy game or a girl game. What is her personality, try to match a game with that not her gender. But shoot I wish I dated girls that liked games, most of them really don't get it, cool girl friend.

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#32 Posted by anna_heart_u123 (25 posts) -
well im a girl so- buzz is a lot of fun, locoroco,Patapon 1&2, some girls like the thrill of shooting in order to protect them selves so maybe resistance, gta, and racing games are cool too as girls get to choose cars ect..
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#33 Posted by deactivated-57af49c27f4e8 (14149 posts) -
hot shots golf! i like it a lot. oh, and katamari, once you get past the initial control fury.
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#34 Posted by riou7 (10840 posts) -

try patapon and loco roco

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#35 Posted by ston3henge (2732 posts) -

My ex wasn't a gamer until I gave her "Lumines" & "Tiger Woods Golf". Even if she's not a golfer, give it a try. The technical side of it, the calculation and the strategy of it appeals to a lot of people of both sexes (video golf) who'd never given the sport a second thought before.

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#36 Posted by coolkid93 (6732 posts) -
Rachet & Clank Size matters I'm a girl and I like that game:)
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#37 Posted by Ghanima_A (1131 posts) -

Like someone above said, match the game to her personality and not her gender.

I'm not only a female, I'm also a mom and I play God of War, Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Patapon, Resistance Retribution, Loco Roco, Mana Khemia, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and....well I could be here all day listing games.

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#38 Posted by coolkid93 (6732 posts) -
I also like to play tekken and gta vcs as well
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#39 Posted by Ameotoko (206 posts) -

Do not go out to the store with the sole purpose of finding a 'girl' game. If I had tried to pull out Diner Dash for my gf she'dve punched me into a wall, and she's pretty feminine. Her taste in games is decidedly not the standard for 'girly'.

I agree with what one person said though: get her to try out some demos and get a feel for what she likes. Sounds like the best policy to me.

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#40 Posted by nimuk (751 posts) -

I'd say Sims 2, she can be creative and develop her character. Maybe one of the Worms games for mindless fun.Sid Meiers Pirates if she wants something that has more strategy.

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#41 Posted by jerromyD (234 posts) -

monster hunter freedom 2 or united is a girls game. good for qwality time an it s a long game

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#42 Posted by InsultToInjury_ (2219 posts) -
Im a girl and kinda find it hard to say "Oh girls will like this" as me personally id rather play something a bit more intense. I myself like RPGS but suppose they aren't a sort of pick up and play. What about locoroco if she isnt a avid game player wee games like that or Theme Hospital on the PSN?
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#43 Posted by b3yondstupidity (12500 posts) -
Patapon, Me and My Katamari, daxter?
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#44 Posted by hoehlenmensch (1404 posts) -
My Wife loved Loco Roco, Sims 2 and also GTA Vice Cits stories (for the 80's music), our niece liked Sid Meiers Pirates!. I guess girls taste is not so much different.
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#45 Posted by Judgement8 (25 posts) -
panga fantasy golf and sims 2 seem to be the only ones i cant get mine to play
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#46 Posted by kweeni (11304 posts) -
midnight club
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#47 Posted by damann22 (7655 posts) -

My gf plays gta vcs and lumines on mine. Also try gitaroo man and parappa the rappa

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#48 Posted by pikastar (3405 posts) -

Taste in games go by personality and preference, not by gender. Im a woman and perfer RPGs and games like God of War. Does she like games with good stories and characters? Try Crisis Core, Valkyrie Profile, or Star Ocean First Departure. If she liked Daxter, try Ratchet and Clank. Would she like something with some depth and strategy? Can't go wrong with Final Fantasy Tactics or Jeanne D'Arc. Would she like something similiar to Pokemon? Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner might interest her. There's Locoroco and Patapon as well. She might even like God of War as well.

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#49 Posted by LiftedHeadshot (2460 posts) -

Fire Team Flowers and Assassins Ponies

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#50 Posted by Coolyfett (5749 posts) -

Women like music, movies & books, dont see why they can not like video games. I think a major issue is the gaming market does no cater to the female market. Games are made for guys, by guys so it is a little hard for women on the average to get into gaming. I think more Horror/Drama games should come out. Many female gamers I know like The Sims games...I have no clue what those games are about though. I know a couple that like the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, make sense women to love horror flicks go figure. They just need to tap into the female mind and go from there. Hard to see women getting into Madden, Mortal Kombat & GTA not saying girls don't, just saying these are games that most if not all Male gamers have played at least once. The Hannah Montana thing is a start...keep moving in that direction.