Going on a two month trip gotta let PS3 go.

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Ok. I reserved a PS3 since long ago and recieved my unit first day it came out. I bought it thinking that it would be hard to come by. But than Heavenly Sword got pushed back and not a launch game? That was the one game that I was looking forward to playing on my PS3. So now I still have it here laying in my room brand new and still sealed. There are no games out there that make me wanna open this thing. I have been playing my PS2 and 360 most of the time. I guess I'm waiting for a good PS3 exclusive. I buy each system to play their exclusives and anything that goes multi platform I get the better copy. To me one good exclusive is worth buying a PS3 for like games like Devil May Cry, Metal Gear 4, Tekken 6 or FFXIII. Virtual Fighter 5 looks great but I'm more of a Tekken fan. My family has been planning a trip for sometime now and I'm going to be away this summer for two whole months from June to August. There will be absolutely no gaming to where I'm going. So I'm thinking of selling my PS3 to use for my trip and rebuy it again when I come back. I seen the release date for alot of good games from now til Summer and it looks pretty good with games like Army of Two, Assassins Creed and Strangle Hold etc. But it would be a waste to open it. My plane ticket cost $1500 alone. I guess I need money to survive over there for two whole months too. I'm saving up $2000 for that. Let's just say American currency is worth alot to where I'm going so I'll be able to kick back and relax. And no it's not Mexico. But I will miss home and all my gaming experience. I will have alot to buy when I come back. Let's hope I still have some change left to do so.

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Your telling us this why?
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sell it and buy it again when you get back, that way your warranty will still be a year from when you open it rather than since last november
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So anybody wanna take it off my hands there's one available. Would save you about $100 on 60GB.
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and the reason you tellin us this??
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it's to long... anyway congratz...
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and the reason you tellin us this??Sgt_Phan

Let the guy talk