Go sony for UFC DEMO,war thunder and pixelshooter

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Haven't played war thunder yet downloading it now but UFC looks and feels great. There is a high learning curve for the demo but I am almost sold on buying it if i can beat my match. I thought to myself another indie style game uhhh but I like pixeljunk shooter alot and want to play more of it. I am sure it's a remake but very nice.It is very creative almost like resogun status which i give high kudos.

War thunder I played on UK Psn since US didn't get it on launch and I wasn't impressed. I will give it another go and I hope it's much improved.

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@ewalthour: and you was moaning about the indie games just a while back and now you like it them lol not played it yet i have my ps4 sat right next to me at work haven't had chance to hook it up and give the UFC demo a go, is it that good.

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@bezza2011: I just go this msg. I moan because there are too many of them that aren't any good plus given to us on psn+.

I have been consistent with take on indie games and would hate if they dominate the market over AAA games.

UFC is a great looking game and plays well but like I said in other post doesn't mean I would buy it. I like demos to save me money in case I am on the fence with games. I guess I am the gamer companies hate because demos would deter me from buying the game. Now UFC hasn't deterred me but not sure with lack of knowledge of the sport would I want it. Yes I am a fickle buyer of games and don't like the 60$ price tag UNLESS it's worth the value. For one, games lose $30 once you open the wrapper for store trade ins. Where I live people don't want to pay market value for games. They want the game for nothing.

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@ewalthour: I was just playing with you hahahaha I'm glad you finally like a ps+ game lol.

See how many places i've had to reach out for your thoughts on the UFC Demo your slacking hahahaha, and your right the value you goes right down, but you have to remember once you buy a game and load it up and it goes online, no one else can get online i believe without paying a fee, or that was how it worked back on PS3,

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@bezza2011: man 30 min demo of phantom pain and 5 min trailer i am getting pumped. Here are my games i want to see videos, read impressions and just get the buzz from editors that this is the must have game that will be playable at e3 or at least seen behind close doors.

Phantom pain, Drive club, The Division, Deep Down, Uncharted, Resogun (yes a indie game), Any star wars game like battlefront(space fighting), 1886 The Order, A tennis game simulator and not a virtual tennis, Rock star game like Red Dead redemption 2, playable mad max, Batman Arkham Knight, Sherlock Holmes. Without Memory(a heavy rain style game),Heavy Rain was one of my favorite games and I wish instead between 2 souls, heavy rain 2 was made. syphon Filter if it exist, Evil Within could end up being very good, RE 7, family games with co op, more playroom stuff and some great surprises to the interface of ps4 and games that were under wraps that will blow us away. It will be hard to keep anything hidden since stuff is always being SO CALLED LEAKED to the public.

I don't care for any RPG's unless its a action adventure game that has RPG elements but real time combat and first person games are old to me like COD, Destiny. Far Cry could be a very good game and not a typical first person shooter. Never played a full game but demos that were fun.

Yes i mention my list before but i have added some new stuff.

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@ewalthour: Without Memory could be a great game, I'll keep my eye out on that one, Sherlock Holmes may be a great one, I do love a good detective game LA Noire was actually a great game for me, Heavy Rain and anything from that studio for me is a winner, Heavy Rain was great, and I think we've had conversations before on Tennis, I honestly cannot wait to see a next gen tennis game, the last tennis game I had was Top Spin 3 I think, wasn't to keen on the boring load times but the actual game was brilliant, love my tennis games

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@bezza2011: I like la noire. Not great but s good game. Top spin was good but preferred the pro tennis tournament that never came to ps3. I like tennis as sim as possible and pro tennis had great serve mechanics.