getting on tomorrow :)

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#1 Posted by CaUs3 (2903 posts) -
getting a ps3 for free have 500 plus on best buy rewards card oh yeah ps3 and 360 FTW
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#2 Posted by nyc05 (10190 posts) -
Excellent....enjoy and good luck!
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#3 Posted by CaUs3 (2903 posts) -
games for me any one i thinking either resistance or warhawk only games out right now :)
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#4 Posted by navigata (7619 posts) -
Great choice, warhawk and Rfom are both gret choices to get. Good luck with the ps3. Hope u enjoy as much asi do mine
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congrats dude :)
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warhawk is way better bro...good luck!!
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#7 Posted by ballasteve (461 posts) -
get lair! its sick! dont listen to the reviews its honestly amazing.