Gamespot where are the next gen reviews?

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Damn I am glad I don't pay for this site. The top news is from the 11/8/13. All the reviews are from stupid games not the sexy games. I know Wednesday is the day for most next gen reviews but ign already has review of nba 2k and I will be getting it with score of 8.9. The new modes aren't perfect but still a great game and visually stunning.

I am waiting for review of madden and this concerns me that the polygon website only had brief time with a demo without commentary. Based on preview madden plays and looks better. How can u not have the final build when the game is in the store today? Is ea hiding flaws in the game so people buy it before a real review comes out? Any game that has embargo like cod and other games I will not get until some reviews to determine if the game is any good. Madden coverage has been very scarce which will make me wait to buy it from target since I want ac4,madden,and nba2k. In case people don't know nba live 14 will be a demo on launch day to dnload. So it seems ea needs to convince us before we buy it so that means live is just a ok game. I bet the review want be out until 11/15

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The only hands on I have seen is from a madden fan from youtube.

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Mmmmmmm sexy games.