games that doesnt use the analog stick

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i would like to know what psp games that doesnt need to use the analog stick, cos mine is spoilt, when i push it left or up, it moves very slow like u press it softly.. so yeah generally my left, up, left-up, left-down and right-up are useless...

i tried to loosen and tighten the screws, it works for a while, but after some time, the same problem occurs again.. grr

anyways, my recent game that i bought was jeanne d'arc and phew the analog stick was used for rotating the camera.. lucky me..
anyone can tell me some good and recent games that doesnt require the use of analog stick?

well im most into the RPG genre.. thanks in advance

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in a lot og games u can change the butons from analogue to the normal up/down/left/right button on options like in GTA VCS
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you don't need the analog nub in racing games
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tekken doesn't need one :)
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Both of the mega man games done require it.
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That's spamming dude.... But valkyrie profile doesn't require it either and I think Jeanne d' arc doesn't cuz it's an srpg

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Lumines and Tekken. And because they dont use the analog stick they are the best games on the system. And this isn't a compliment to that D-Pad which sucks as well. lol
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Lumines and Lumines II is all I know that use the analog in the game...