Games similar to the Mass effect series?

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#1 Posted by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

Im a big fan of the series.

I plan to go through all of them again when the triology comes out but until then I was wondering if there is any games on the market that are similar?

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#2 Posted by zarathustrax7 (82 posts) -

Uhm, not exactly the same. But, with Dragon Age you can find similar stuff. But of course, this is more RPG.

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#3 Posted by megaspiderweb09 (3686 posts) -

Direct answer to your question is none

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#4 Posted by 23Jarek23 (2647 posts) -

None, but give Deus Ex HR a try.

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#5 Posted by finalserenade75 (2162 posts) -

Not similar, but maybe Fallout and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are kinda close?

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The Walking Dead has the similar desicion making process where each thing you decide will effect the outcome of the game. I enjoy playing both.

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Agree with the Deus Ex: Human Revolution recommendations.