Game of the Year??!?

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Of all the video games that came out this year, THE LAST of US is the one that received ''Game of the Year'' from numerous sources. Usually, GAMESPOT is the one place that I trust most because of their accurate and honest reviews. They named this GOTY too, but I HATED THIS GAME! I'm not much of a stealth gamer first of all, and I just don't have the patience to play the game slowly and carefully, then make a single mistake, and start over again. Either I was simply bored with no enemies around or swamped by a troop of them...not to mention the numerous cutscenes every few minutes (but the story is the best part of the game though). I had to try certain areas 20-30 times before passing the area and almost put it down completely after awhile...the gameplay was just too frustrating for me. How this beat out GTA V, Beyond, and other games I don't know but I'm warning any gamers who haven't played this yet DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP!

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so you're saying its bad because the game just isn't your style? makes sense.

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Not knowing anything about you, it's hard to take your recommendation seriously. Maybe you only like sports games...or are a hardcore Pokemon gamer, who knows?

It's your opinion and "to each his own". But to dismiss various games sources and their vote for GOTY because it doesn't mirror yours is silly.

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Just because you don't like this game doesn't mean it's not game of the year. It may not be your game of the year and may not be your style but you cannot deny it's success. It has not gained this much popularity simply because the public is wrong, it is a good game whether it's your cup of tea or not.

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Another guy passing off his OPINION as fact.

It was my game of the year. My friends have GTA5 as their game of the year. It's an opinion. See the difference?

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You are in a very very very small percentage. I actually have the last of us, bioshock infinite, grand theft auto v, assassins creed black flag and dmc: devil may cry. My vote for game of the year is the last of us. There is a reason why it got 95 metascore because it deserves it.

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TLOU is a terrible example for a stealth game. If you want great stealth, hitman, dues ex and dishonored.

I personally think Ni No Kuni should have claimed goty.

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@ristactionjakso said:

TLOU is a terrible example for a stealth game. If you want great stealth, hitman, dues ex and dishonored.

I personally think Ni No Kuni should have claimed goty.

Ni No Kuni is absolutely superb. Just started the post game stuff after 65 hours and it absolutely flew by. Great, great game but IMHO not as good as TLOU which was a masterpiece.

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You could have just lowered the difficulty setting.

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TLOU is one of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever played. I'm not sure how much of my opinion of it was because I was just so sick of the run-and-gun games I played for so long and the change of pace was nice, but most of it is just because it really is a that great of a game in my opinion.

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@whiskeystrike said:

You could have just lowered the difficulty setting.

My gut tells me that he probably already had it on the lowest setting.

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The last of us was more then deserving of GOTY.

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You don't HAVE to like the most popular game of the year, but I just want to address a few things you said. First of all, The Last of Us isn't strictly a stealth game. It has stealth elements, sure. But as someone who also doesn't care too much for stealth games, I loved playing The Last of Us. It's best to use stealth in most situations, but it's not like you have to. I have a hard time believing someone could struggle that much getting through this game. I mean, you can use listening mode to SEE ENEMIES THROUGH WALLS. Even if all goes to hell, you should have enough ammo to take care of any enemies running at you on lower difficulty levels. Also, I think the cutscenes and moments when you're in control were well balanced and transitioned well, but that's just my opinion.

So yeah, it's fine you didn't like the game as much as most people did, but I'm going to be a dick and say it's mostly your fault for not adjusting to the gameplay well. The whole GOTY stuff is arbitrary crap that really doesn't mean much. It's your personal GOTY that matters.