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Getting a PS4 at launch (Nov 2013, Europe), I am nothing but thrilled and can only use superlatives to compliment the system thusfar. I've had no problem with my console so far.

I really like the fact that when I purchased the system, there were 4-5 free games to download straight away, 2 of these games were indie titles "Resogun" and "Contrast". In January, "Don't Starve" came - just as impressing. One free game each month is a great deal.The February-title will be "Outlast", a horror game which seems pretty good. It's been out on Steam for some time now - gotten much praise. The Playstation Plus-membership is turning out to be a great investment.

If we get one free game (for PS4) each month is there a list of the future titles that will be made available to all PlayStation Plus members, or is this something that is kept secret?

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Plus titles are usually announced 2-3 weeks before the monthly change occurs. Bookmark the PS blog and check it for Plus updates (monthly), and store updates (weekly). There's also plenty of great previews and more, almost daily.

North America: http://blog.us.playstation.com/

Europe, etc: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/

We do know that Drive Club PS Plus Edition for PS4 will be 'free' when that game launches sometime this year. It's pretty much the full game, minus a few tracks and cars, as far as I'm aware. They have confirmed the Platinum trophy will be attainable with PS Plus edition, if that's your thing.

For the most part, expect any PS4 titles being given 'free' to be mostly indies for now. Officially, SCE UK blog guys have said things like "Not for a long time", whenever anyone asks about launch titles and other upcoming AAA stuff. It could be 1-2 years before AAA PS4 games make it to IGC. It's still early days for the PS4 and there aren't enough games on the system yet to justify doing what they do with PS3 and Vita.

Don't forget to get all the PS3 and Vita Plus titles too. Just add them to your download list every month. Even if you only have a PS4. Someday, if you ever get a PS3 or a Vita (and you should get a Vita!), you'll have a library of games ready to play.

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@Lhomity: Great post, and thanks! 2-3 weeks before the monthly change - got it! Very informative. I'll check out the links provided. Thank you!

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You're quite welcome. Enjoy!