Full game downloads and game saves for disc based games

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Hello. I own a few PS3 games on disc but recently noticed they are available on PSN as downloads. For example, I have Bayonetta and have much of the game completed on almost all difficulties and I want to by the digital version to keep on my hard drive. Will my saves work with the digital version if I should get rid of the disc version? Thanks,
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Duh, of course. 

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Yes, they should work fine. Though why you'd pay full retail again for something you already own just for some minor convenience is beyond me, but to each his own.

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Yes it'll work, but i'd just keep the disc version. No point paying for the same game twice over, and then you'll fill up your hdd. Use the hdd space for games you buy that you don't own on disc. (or get PS+ and get the free games).