From battlefield3 to black ops 2...

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Juat got black ops 2 today and i must say, its not all i thought it was going to be. i didnt bother getting mw3 as i had battlefield and still think that was the best fps i've ever played. traded bf3 along with a couple of other games today to get black ops and starting to think it was a mistake...

the maps are a lot smaller and it just seems pretty easy-ish compared to the skills required for bf3.

any of you guys feel the same? or will black ops win me over?

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That's just the nature of the game. While Battlefield is a real military shooter the COD games are more like gladiator matches. It's basically a different genre.
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i hate to say it but you made a bad choice...i thought it was going to be way better then it is too because i liked the first black ops so much but this game is crap. I'm played online for like 3 hours and ill never play it again aside from zombies. I might be a little biased tho since bf3 is my second favorite shooter of all time. (behind cod4 of coarse)