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#1 Posted by Le-Beave (4950 posts) -
Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a way to see how much free space I have left, I want to add some more Videos and Photos but I am getting worried about how much space it is taking up off the PS3, is there a way of checking how much has been used or remains? Thanks!
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#2 Posted by Liams (1704 posts) -
I've been looking for the answer to this also but I can't find it anywhere. However I've already used up 16gb and the only reason I know this is that when I downloaded a trailer from the PS store before I did it told me I had 44gb of free disk space.
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#3 Posted by jelopek (694 posts) -
go to 'system information'...
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#4 Posted by bazookajoe19 (827 posts) -

go under system settings and its in there somewhere

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#5 Posted by Le-Beave (4950 posts) -
Okay thanks guys i'll go check now :D
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if its the same as PSP it hsud be that
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#7 Posted by TheBeast99 (25 posts) -

Yeah it's under Settings>System Settings>System Information. Doesn't give it as detailed as the 360, but it will at least tell you how much space you have free.

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#8 Posted by NotAFurry (6055 posts) -

Yeah, I'd like to see FreeSpace 3 on the PS3, what a great idea!