Fallout 76 review embargo?

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Who thinks we ain’t gonna be able make a clear concise decision on whether or not to buy this game cos critic reviews won’t be come out until after midnight when the apparent servers go live for this completely online game?

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And with it being completely online, is it really worth the money in the end, cos for me all it screams out is a complete bug fest. What about release times for the servers? Midnight UK? If it’s completely online do the US get it the same time as us? It’s one of those games I’ve been following and I did pre order this but then cancelled it when I heard it was completely online. I just don’t think it’s gonna be that good to be honest. And gamespot are stingebags when it comes to scores as we saw with RDR 2, I knew they’d give it a 9 so that’s your benchmark folks 9 or below. To be honest, this’ll get at least a 7, most will give it 8’s & 9’s but I don’t think it anyone will rave about it. It’s online after all folks. What can possibly go wrong?

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I know this is a late answer, but reviews are only coming in after launch and at a slow rate because reviewers are basing their reviews off of the officially released version of the game. So even if they played the BETA or whatever, they couldn't start playing the "real" game until everyone else. I would guesstimate that most reviewers are trying to play at least 40-50 hours before writing a fair review. As of this comment, it's been almost a week and the PS4 version has the most reviews on Metacritic (12) and an average score of 49. With less reviews, the Xbox One and PC versions are at 61 and 62. So it's safe to say that this game won't be averaging very high once the dozens of other reviews finally come in.