Does the PS3 play regular DVDs or just Blu-Ray?

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^^ Topic, thanks
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not only does it also play DVD's it upscales them as well for an even better quality than a normal DVD player, enjoy!
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It does both and it is one of the best Blu-Ray players out and with the next firmware update this will even be better than it is now. Also it is one of the best DVD upscaler and this seems to be getting better with firmware updates.
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it currently plays both of the dvd and the bluray and div-x
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The current spec for BluRay drives (strangely) makes the ability to play DVD and CD's optional; obviously though, it's encouraged to add in this support anyway. Frankly right now the PS3 is the only BD player I could see myself getting; if nothing else, but for the fact that none of the stand-alone BD players on the market (right now) are going to be able to support BD-Live and any future revisions of the spec (and let's face it, Sony and the BDA just love pumping out hardware revisions! :roll: ).
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yeh both
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The upscaling really helps too btw,
my old hellraiser collection looks fantastic on it :D
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Le' both.
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Does the PS3 upscale beyond 480p if you're using Component Video cables?