does the PS3 have wireless internet?

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#1 Posted by fred1712 (1220 posts) -
Do I have to hook it up to something like the XBOX? I have a router and the wii was wireless so I didnt need to hook it up...Is the PS3 like that? I think someone said that there was an option for Wireless internet.
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#2 Posted by indian_playa (2182 posts) -
built in wireless
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#3 Posted by thetruespin (3256 posts) -

built in.

so no wires needed and no £60 adapter required. just another reason why I love my ps3

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Yup, you can use a wireless connection.
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the 20gb model is the only one who doesnt have wireless, but that model is no longer in production, so yes it has built in wireless
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Yeah you're safe. It's got built in Wi-fi so you'll never have to buy any dumb adapter for it again. It costs 100 bucks just for the stupid Wi-fi adapter for the 360, I mean WTF? Why should we have to pay for something like that when we already paid for the console. Anyway, I still have to get the damn adapter to play wireless on the 360 but that's not the point, the PS3 has built in wireless and it's tight.