Does anyone play on their ps3 now if you have the ps4 ?

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I'm finding it hard to revert back to the ps3, now i have the ps4, does anyone else have the same problem?

There are games i wanna play on the ps3 mainly games i have got of ps+ like hitman, far cry 3, dmc4 but i just find myself playing bf4 or fifa 14 on the ps4.

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The only game I would consider making me play PS3 is GT6. But after seeing the graphics on PS4 I'm hooked! I would say that once Infamous Second Son comes out there is no turning back! PS4 is beginning to gain some momentum since the release of Tomb Raider and it's about to really take off. Pretty soon it will be difficult to turn on my Xbone.

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I have a bunch of games to finish on my ps3 and ps plus is adding to it.

Im having a lot of fun with Gran turismo 6 right now. I would say I play my ps3 just as much as my ps4. I love both systems.

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After Resogun my PS4 doesnt get much use so I put my PS3 right next to it and play that as well. I just downloaded FFXIII-2 for 9 bucks so I can play that before lightning returns. Still have to finish Ni-No-Kuni as well

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My PS3 is still my main console because of the number of games that I still play and the additional media functions.

I like the fact that I can store my own personal media(music, pictures,videos) on my HDD or stream them directly from my PC. I am satisfied with the PS4 in general but I don't like the fact that they stripped away those extra media features.

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I keep thinking I'll be playing my PS3 alongside my PS4 once I have one, but it'll be interesting to see what happens. It's not like I'll have a ton of games on the PS4, but I'll probably focus on them for a while. But as it is, I still have many games I want to play on the PS3, especially with free games coming to PS+. So I definitely feel I won't be abandoning my PS3 anytime soon, though I'm sure it won't take too long for the PS4 to take over as my main console.

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Yeah.In fact i put my ps4 in the closet and got back to the ps3.

FFX HD will keep me busy for a long time.

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I currently play more on the PS3 than the PS4.

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Same as Jak, playing my PS3 daily, haven't played my PS4 for the last two weeks.

Bring on Infamous...please!!!

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I actually can't seem to get into PS3 or PS4 lately. I am really looking forward to one upcoming PS3 game though.

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I have been bi polar lately in regards to what console I play. Sometimes ps4, next thing you know im on ps3 or ill just play my vita. Got to love sony.

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I play my PS3 more. I'll probably be playing games on it for a long time to come. There's just so many great games.

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Yeah. Ni No Kuni and GTA 5 Online.

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i haven't touched my ps3 since i setup my ps4... :)

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Yeah i play on the PS3 even though i have the PS4. I pretty much played all the games i wanted for it and went back to ps3 now. I will go back when i know Battlefield is working. But i don't have any problems with it

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im finding it hard to commit time to my ps4 at the moment.. theres still plenty of games on the ps3 worth playing.. and lightning returns is out on friday as well :) i dont think i will ever get rid of my ps3.. love that console!!

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When they were on the same TV I never touched my PS3, but I just set my PS3 in my room so it should get some more use. Especially if PS+ keeps giving us all these big games. I've been waiting on a price drop for Metro last light, so I'm pumped to play that and Bioshock.

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My PS3s still get more play than my new PS4, and probably will all year long.

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i havent even opened my PS4 yet, its still in the box lol. still gaming on my PS3 atm..i still need to play TLOU, puppeteer, Beyond two souls and a few others.

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i still go back. it doesnt bother me much unless it was cod. when i play with my cod friends, i find ps3 cods to be really blurry

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The only game I play on PS4 is Battlefield 4 so far...

I still play a handful of PS3 games... Grand Theft Auto 5, Last of Us, SSX, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.... Probably some others.

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I sadly don't have enough room on my gaming setup for 2 consoles and a desktop. However I've still got my PS3 should I ever wish to re-visit some of the classics from last gen.

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Why not the PS3 has some great games.

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I haven't got a PS3 anymore it broke months before the PS4 and thought I'll just hold off, i don't mind tho, I don't think I could go back after seeing the graphics, I just keep thinking back to the first lot of PS3 and 360 games (Advise you to go have a look at a few of them) and looking at the last couple of years of games and wow they really did get alot of power out of them machines with as little ram as they have. and now were starting off at just above the graphics of it and i really can't wait to see where it goes from here,

The only game i really really want is south park, so i may have to buy that for my brother and rob a ps3 unless it does come to next gen i don't see it being that hard to port i mean the graphics can stay the same and the whole game doesn't need to change as it's a cartoon.

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My PS3 got instantly moved into the bedroom as soon as I picked up my PS4 and is only used as a Netflix/Amazon Video machine now. I never really used my PS3 much anyhow because the controller was garbage and most multi-plat games were better on 360. However I also ended up getting rid of my 360 as well and I do all console gaming exclusively on my PS4 now.

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I just ordered a Playstation 3 today, lol. There arent enough exclusives on either new console to warrant a purchase for me, yet. Maybe next tax season.

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I'm playing GTA V and Max Payne 3 on my PS3.

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DLC for The Last of Us finally drops and I barely care. Should've been out before next gen.