do you leave game in machine while turned off

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#1 Posted by buzzzzard (84 posts) -
do you guys leave a game (umd) in the machine when you arent using it? do you know of any problems with leaving one in there?
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#2 Posted by vicdmx (428 posts) -
Yep.. mostly though..
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#3 Posted by vicdmx (428 posts) -

as for a probelm nah i dont think so cause i once left a UMD Game inside the PSP for like 1 week and nothing happend.

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#4 Posted by BelmontV (146 posts) -

Well, I don't think anything would happen if you left a game in the PSP while you turned it off. Now every night I put my PSP to charge and take off the game and put it in the cartridge (I'm very carefull with my tech. stuff, I take a lot of precations).

But leaving it in for 1, I don't think I would ever do that.

Point: Nothing should happen, but being careful is important so keep that in mind!



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#5 Posted by fynne (8078 posts) -
All the time. I can't imagine anything happening to the UMD if nothing is moving anyway.
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#6 Posted by kainesdroden (47 posts) -
Same here I leave my game all the time in my psp and I got no problem so far
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#7 Posted by OrianaDorta (3114 posts) -

always... and nothing wrong has happened.

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#8 Posted by piranha_inc (1994 posts) -

my UMD case got scratched for doing that

at least I think so

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#9 Posted by carrotthead (1408 posts) -
i've always left the umd in the problems for about 2 years now
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#10 Posted by SPD_WeBmAsTaH (2668 posts) -
Yeah, I used to do it all the time but I don't anymore because I treat it just like I do with the consoles, I don't leave it in there for a good reason. I just think that it's safer in it's original case, other than the PSP.
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#11 Posted by baseballboy6411 (1103 posts) -
I keep it in all the time and nothing has happened. 1 year.
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#12 Posted by DarCowAlways (571 posts) -
There's absolutely no reason that anything would happen to your disc. None whatsoever. It just sits there. You can leave it there for a decade and I gaurantee nothing will happen. :|
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#13 Posted by AGrant_12 (50 posts) -

ya most the time,

no problems..don't think

just be careful with the psp

take precautions, but i don't think this is one.

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#14 Posted by Khoaki (881 posts) -
Off topic: Is the PSP able to access the Playstation Network?
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#15 Posted by SGT4EVA (1773 posts) -
yea but u gotta go to a special site if u want it msg me
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#16 Posted by Khoaki (881 posts) -

Yes please. :)

Btw, yes I do leave the game in the machine while it's turned off, I'm just that lazy. As far as I know, there haven't been any problems yet and there shouldn't be.

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#17 Posted by kazuyasongoku (815 posts) -

You mean the UMD comes out? Wow.

i leave all my games in their respective consoles all the time.