Do you impulse buy?

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#1 Posted by Essian (3444 posts) -

So right now Gamestop is running a "trade 3 games get an extra 10 dollars deal", and so I have gotten two games completely on impulse: Doom 3 BFG and Skyrim. Do you find yourself ever randomly picking things up just because you can? Do you usually regret it?

For me, I end up impulse buying more often than I would like, and it tends to be a 50/50 deal. Half the time the game ends up not being for me and I hate it, and half the time it ends up in my pile of favorites.

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#2 Posted by oASSASSINo (27 posts) -
Yeah I make unplanned purchases at gamestop sometimes...and I usually trade it back a few days later.
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#3 Posted by SoNin360 (6726 posts) -
My purchases are usually planned in advance. Sometimes I'll come across a good deal and decide to buy a game on the spot though.
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#4 Posted by flowersjf (2856 posts) -
More often than not, my impulse buys turn out to be successful. I'd say about a 80% success rate. But don't let that fool you, I don't do impulse buys very often.
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#5 Posted by RageQuitter69 (1366 posts) -

I used did once and it was the worst thing I ever did, I ended up with BORING Mass Effect 2 and AWFUL Reisdent Evil 5.

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#6 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -
No I never impulse buy.
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#7 Posted by sukraj (27394 posts) -

I dont impulse buy.

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#8 Posted by CommanderShiro (21746 posts) -

Yeah, if the deal is good enough.

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#9 Posted by doolindesperado (296 posts) -

usually that is when/how i buy.

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#10 Posted by LP4EVA2005 (8585 posts) -
yea, i did it alot actually back when i had my job and was making good money. Now i dont have that job anymore so i stopped doing that.
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#11 Posted by x-2tha-z (8984 posts) -
I impulse buy all the time. However, it's rare that I'll buy a game that I can't find any enjoyment in. PS Does anyone else hate the word "gotten"?
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#12 Posted by Jackc8 (8515 posts) -

Yeah, sometimes I'll be in one of those weird moods where I watch a trailer or play a demo and get the game immediately. Usually a mistake. I can't think of a single one where it was actually a wise purchase.

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#13 Posted by rwallacefan (4886 posts) -
I did it with Max Payne 3, when I saw that a local store was offering it for only 15 bucks, sadly it turns out I didn't like it, and I traded it into Gamestop and got my money back and some :)
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#14 Posted by -Fromage- (10562 posts) -
No. I always do as much research on a game before going out to buy it. I try to make sure I'll like it before buying it.
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#15 Posted by MonkeySpot (6070 posts) -

I note games I want, and then sometimes I have to wait for years, but when it hits the $10 or less, I snap them up... Not really "Impulse" buying... So no, I guess I don't. If I see a game that's in the wheelhouse, price-wise, I will go home and watch youtubes or video reviews before purchase. The only games I will buy with no question, regardless of review, are "Resident Evil" or "Godzilla" themed games though. But again - Not until they hit the $10 or less mark. I just picked up a used copy of "RE - OpRC" that way, and I will eventually add RE6 to my collection even though I'm not all that hot to play it.

"RE Fanboy" and complete Godzilla Freak here, with no apologies!


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#16 Posted by Kravyn81 (9438 posts) -
For me, I end up impulse buying more often than I would like, and it tends to be a 50/50 deal. Half the time the game ends up not being for me and I hate it, and half the time it ends up in my pile of favorites.Essian
I never impulse buy games that I have no idea about.
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#17 Posted by MethodManFTW (26516 posts) -
I game on PC, so yeah, all the time. :D
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#18 Posted by Essian (3444 posts) -
[QUOTE="Essian"]For me, I end up impulse buying more often than I would like, and it tends to be a 50/50 deal. Half the time the game ends up not being for me and I hate it, and half the time it ends up in my pile of favorites.Kravyn81
I never impulse buy games that I have no idea about.

well, me either. However, sometimes I will know a few things about a game, maybe watched some trailers, but haven't done a ton of market research, but I just pick it up because I realize it's there. To be fair, my percentage is probably more like 70/30 leaning towards positive... but it's a lot easier to remember the negative ones
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#19 Posted by d_parker (2128 posts) -

I'll wait for a deal and then buy it. It didn't work with MOH Warfighter as that game was a turd but it worked with 007 Legends as the multiplayer is quite fun.

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#20 Posted by Venom_Raptor (6959 posts) -

I don't tend to impulse buy with games, because I usually buy online, and rarely go into a shop to look around. I do impulse buy with various clothing and DVDs though, and don't usually regret it.

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#21 Posted by clr84651 (5634 posts) -

No, I do not ever impulse buy. My purchases are thought out before I buy anything. I spend my money very wisely and only if I have to.

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#22 Posted by JustBoomer (188 posts) -

Never on impulse.:shock:

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#23 Posted by Sokol4ever (6692 posts) -
I try my best to research and decide if the price is worth it. Sometimes when I see 10-20$ deal I will purchase the game only later realising I didn't like the game.. I usually try to stick with RPG games. Other genres I play when they are very cheap once in a while.
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#24 Posted by CBN16 (407 posts) -

Yeah, but mostly with Steam sales.

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#25 Posted by Texas2089 (16490 posts) -
I game on PC, so yeah, all the time. :DMethodManFTW
Like you didn't impulse buy long before you got a shiny new PC.... :P As for me, yes I do impulse buy but usually only during the dead summer season or during Steam Sales. For the big fall releases I usually know months beforehand what I'm buying and stick with that pretty closely.
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#26 Posted by Megavideogamer (6363 posts) -

Yes I do if i see a good deal. I'll impulse buy

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#27 Posted by PetJel (3725 posts) -

I always impulse buy online. On the pc I impulsebuy like mad on Steam.

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#28 Posted by jsmoke03 (13696 posts) -

sometimes...only because money isnt as consistent so when ido get a little bit of cash then i buy games

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#29 Posted by mav_destroyer (3073 posts) -
Yeah I impulse buy, I used to do it much more often on the previous gen though. This gen I'm a bit more careful with my investments, but every once in a while I just go and buy something random if there's a good deal.
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#30 Posted by IdioticIcarus (2167 posts) -

Yes. And I need to stop. So I've set a goal to not buy any games for a year, except for games I will play immediately, and those one at a time.

I've made it 3 days so far.:P

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#31 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18452 posts) -
I usually will know in advance what I will be buying, unless I see a sale or bargain.
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#32 Posted by WWE6427 (259 posts) -

If I'm in the store and game thats like $5 or $10 catchs my eye I will look at the back and see how it looks and maybe buy it.

If I'm online and it happens I will see what reviews it got and look at gameplay for it. I have done it occasionally. sometimes I'm glad I did and somtimes I regert it.

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#33 Posted by Vatusus (8238 posts) -

Yes, I used to be an impulse buyer. Now, with the bad economy, I tend to control myself more

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#34 Posted by CBN16 (407 posts) -

I only impulse buy during Steam sales. The only other times I can think of are when I got Journey, Arkham City, and AC: Liberations.

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#35 Posted by beanz777 (156 posts) -

I do that online yes, if I see a good deal on a game I wanted to get but waited then I would get it most of the time.

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#36 Posted by Scyntheren (25 posts) -
Steam sales get me every time. EVERY TIME. I bought the THQ pack on Steam when it was on sale for $30.
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#37 Posted by dalger21 (1988 posts) -
For games? No. I know exactly what I want and go into places like Gamestop with a purpose. I don't go there unless I am getting a game I want. There aren't too many games I will just randomly buy.
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#38 Posted by Lost-to-Apathy (459 posts) -

When I first had the pleasure of making money, I did. Now, I avoid doing that like the plague. It's better to save money than it is to risk buying things you may not like, and I speak from experience. There were too many instances where my impulse buys would land me with dissapointment. Needless to say, I won't buy anything unless I REALLY, REALLY like it.

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#39 Posted by JustAddZombies (57 posts) -

More often than I like to admit - usually if I see a game I know someting about, and it's a good deal, I'll bite. Also, Steam, yeah - that's a money sink sometimes.