Do you concentrate on one game or play multiple games at a time?

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#1 Posted by 239923210228658420598666142288 (364 posts) -

Do you concentrate on only one game at a time n finish it and then start the other game or do you play different games side by side (i.e. do you keep shuffling games) may it be any genre(fps, action adventure, ect.) For Eg. i am playing infamous, bulletstorm, need for speed hot pursuit and little big planet right now. The only thing is i dont like bulletstorm so much coz there's just plain shooting dats all in bulletstorm. Therefore i keep shuffling games, can't concentrate on one game and wait for it to finish and then start the other game, i play difffernt, multiple games at a time. What about you?

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#2 Posted by Batang_X990 (939 posts) -
two at a time. i can't see myself playing a 30 hour rpg w/o taking a break from it with a different game. it would be utterly boring to me
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#3 Posted by xsynth (864 posts) -
I try to stick with one at a time, but games like infamous where the story doesn't progress on it's own I usually end up getting bored and put another one in at some point.
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#4 Posted by MrSelf-Destruct (13400 posts) -
I've been known to play several games at once but that's mostly because I don't really get into them. If I find a game I really like I try to stick with it and get everything out of it that I can the first go around. I usually don't replay a game for about five years or so.
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#5 Posted by Essian (3444 posts) -
I stick to one single player game at a time, but I jump around multiplayer quite a bit.
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#6 Posted by AkiraCloud (27 posts) -

I'm the worst, i always swap games and never stick to 1, but i do game alot so to me it dosen't matter, ill play like 3 to 4 different titles at a time, at the moment im going back to games that i have left unfinished and finishing them off or replaying them on hardest difficulty to get the trophey's, unless it's a good game ill smack it out straight away. Come on Uncharted 3 and infamous 2 can't wait. :P

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#7 Posted by Jehuty08 (1951 posts) -

I typically will only Concentrate on one game at a time, but I have been known to dabble in the multiplayer features of other games while playing another. For instance, I was playing castlevania a while ago, but I still made time for Marvel vs Capcom 3 online. I can play a handheld game concurently with a console game though.

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#8 Posted by Fr0zenSpark (283 posts) -

Usually 2.. sometimes 3.

Right now I am playing Dead Space to get the platinum. Once PSN is back I will also play Fifa 11 and Crysis 2 online.

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#9 Posted by WhorrorLoLz (218 posts) -

I tend to buy a lot of games and start them all, then end up not being able to finish them, because I get overwhelmed.

I have a lot of games I haven't finished yet, some that I've barley started, and quite a few that I haven't even started yet.

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#10 Posted by Anthem_Joker-F8 (123 posts) -

I usually stick to one game at a time until I have played through atleast once. But lately before the outage, AC Brotherhood online multiplayer has been distracting me from Red Dead Redemption.

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#11 Posted by Jackc8 (8515 posts) -

I just play one at a time, usually until I finish the game, but if I don't care for it much I have no problem with moving on to a more promising title.

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#12 Posted by Jane_22 (678 posts) -

i play a lot of games at a time, but they are on diffrent platforms.

For example, i play only 2 games on my pc at a time, 2 on my PS3, and 1 game on my Wii.

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#13 Posted by destinhpark (4831 posts) -

I play multiple, unless there's just that one game i obsess over and can't stop playing until I finish. I was like that with inFamous and uncharted 2. But most of the time, I play multiple because I love having a variety.

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#14 Posted by corigan (586 posts) -

If a game draws me in, I will play it pretty much non-stop. That is very rare for me, so usually I am jumbling between 5-6 titles at a time. In the past day I have played UC2, Mafia 2, Tomb Raider Collection, and the Sly Collection.

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#15 Posted by evilmaster2424 (2060 posts) -
ill buty multiple games but play them one at a time
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#16 Posted by PumpkinBoogie (3375 posts) -

I'm the worst, i always swap games and never stick to 1, but i do game alot so to me it dosen't matter, ill play like 3 to 4 different titles at a time, at the moment im going back to games that i have left unfinished and finishing them off or replaying them on hardest difficulty to get the trophey's, unless it's a good game ill smack it out straight away. Come on Uncharted 3 and infamous 2 can't wait. :P

Yeah, for better or worse, that's my bad habit when it comes to gaming, too. So I guess to some extent, I suppose you could say people like us do combination of both, lol. Of course, the only bad thing is about doing this is that I end up having a multitude of games that left unfinished; eventually though I do end up making it round to some. But like you said, if I'm really lost in immersion w/ it then I generally tend to play those until the end (Uncharted 1 & 2 or Yakuza series to name a few).
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#17 Posted by Zurrur (1701 posts) -

I never start a new game before i finish last one

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#18 Posted by BuryMe (22017 posts) -

I jump around a lot. I like variety

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#19 Posted by Chet_Won (644 posts) -

i typically play 2 at a time with one getting more attention from the other and using the second as a cooldown game.

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#20 Posted by hawk549 (1220 posts) -

i can tell you what i dont do...just keep starting games and then moving on to something new. That was a bad gaming habit of mine i had to, i usually play 2-3 at a time, and i dont move on until i either beat the game or earn a platinum trophy.

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#21 Posted by Flame_Blade88 (39348 posts) -
I can do up to 3 games at a time but any more than 3 I get overwhelmed.
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#22 Posted by Linefly11 (25 posts) -
Usually a couple at a time. COD with friends, story in a different game, etc.
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#23 Posted by Rakuho (7008 posts) -
I try to concentrate on one game at a time--with some light FPS MP on the side. And, for the most part, I have no trouble sticking to that "creed," unless, of course, that specific game I'm trying to concentrate on begins to rapidly lose its appeal.
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#24 Posted by deactivated-57e5de5e137a4 (12929 posts) -
Depends on how long or boring parts of the first game are. I frequently play through several at once, but no when they have a strong narrative.
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#25 Posted by doolindesperado (296 posts) -

I pretty much do one game at a time.

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#26 Posted by Srenjy (307 posts) -
now that you say that well eversince i really play one game at a time, I finish that game no matter what before playing something else, so that disc or that game wont leave the ps3 by the time i put it in, unless its finished :) i almost failed that the past few weeks when im playing ninja gaiden sigma i almost tried to change the game, damn, what a hard game that was
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#27 Posted by wooooode (16665 posts) -
I usually have 2 games going at once, but I may fly through a single player game if I really like it and focus on just that.
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#28 Posted by glitch2424 (897 posts) -

I've been known to play several games at once but that's mostly because I don't really get into them. If I find a game I really like I try to stick with it and get everything out of it that I can the first go around. I usually don't replay a game for about five years or so. MrSelf-Destruct

I'm the same - games these days don't hold my attention too much, unless it's REALLY good (red dead redemption's gameplay, uncharted 2's story, lumines' hypnosis, world of goo's overall quality, super mario galaxy 2's inventiveness, etc etc).

I TRY to stick with one game at a time though, that way you get more into it. However, there are times where I play 2 games at a time - for example, if one game is all story but is very long, and the other is a puzzle game (no story) that you can play in short bursts (I switch back and forth between the 2 to mix things up).

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#29 Posted by the_orc (4817 posts) -

I have the Videogame HDD.

Normally I'll start a game and get about 5hrs in, and then switch to something else...rinse repeat for 3-4 games at a time, and then I'll work my way through depending how I feel on any given day.

Only games to keep my attention in the last while would be Portal 2, and Assassin's Creed 2.

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#30 Posted by pencru (1779 posts) -

I only have three games, and I finished the story on all of them so I alternate between the three while I'm collecting Trophies. (Mirror's Edge, Uncharted 2 & Undead Nightmare)

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#31 Posted by syam32245340 (1431 posts) -

I will concentrate on 1 game at a time and enjoy playing it ;)

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#32 Posted by masterds64 (3653 posts) -
I focus on one game, that way I prefect my skill and never dull, sometimes I'd switch between games if it requires alot of tension (dead space for example) so i can just relax... That said I've only done dead space/dead space 2 and split second together, every other game I done so just on it's own, like yakuza 3...although the 16 mini games in that sorta count...right?
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#33 Posted by lalalei (203 posts) -

one at a time... if i pick up another one, it means the first didn't interest me enough

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#34 Posted by yokofox33 (30775 posts) -

I try to focus on just one game, but it depends on the genre. If I'm playing an RPG, I might throw in an action/adventure game as well, but I typically just play that one RPG. Sometimes I'll also do 2 action/adventure games at once depending on how long they are.

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#35 Posted by Stealin-Shadows (69 posts) -

2-3 at a time. I like variety and I also like to extend the life of my games.

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#36 Posted by 189302 (226 posts) -
For the most part, I will play one at a time until I finish it. There are times I'll take a break for a little multiplayer, but I definitely only play on single player at a time.
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#37 Posted by JohnnyWPSP (1895 posts) -

It depends, when i get one new gamethen thatsthe onlygame ill be playing for a time. If i get multiple new ones i will start all and continue with the one(s) i like best and when ive beaten those ill play the rest. If i do trophy hunting in the games i already have i play them totally mixed.

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#38 Posted by sukraj (27859 posts) -

I like to play 2 games at a time.

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#39 Posted by Mcortijo01 (2589 posts) -

Story driven games, one at a time but I do mix in online play from other games. I'm playing FF XIII right now so I will not be getting another game until I beat it but I'll play Killzone 3 or NFS to mix it up (whenever psn goes back online)

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#40 Posted by Renzokucant (3157 posts) -
One game at a time, I'm.really ocd about it. I don't like to divide my attention. But once its beat I'm all over the place.
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#41 Posted by GamerChick2083 (481 posts) -

I usually play multiple games at one time. I have a tendency to start a new game before I've finished the one I'm already playing.

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#42 Posted by KingsofQueens (2521 posts) -

I always stick to one game at a time. Which explains my backlog of games, something I have no problems with.

I feel that jumping from one game (or genre) to another ruins the pacing and my interest of that particular game I started out with. I like consistancy while gaming.

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#43 Posted by chocolate1325 (33007 posts) -

Depends normally one at a time.

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#44 Posted by LeifLongbottom (2777 posts) -

Usually two at a time but that's become much more usual since I started renting.

I'm usually playing two kinds of games: something with a lot of action and explosions and something that requires a bit more thought.

Sometimes a game comes along that mashes the two together well like Fallout 3 or Ascree 2. At that point I might get a good addiction to one title.

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#45 Posted by goosetroop (285 posts) -

I play as many as I can at a time. Usually only one type of game at a time. (1 FPS, 1 Platformer, 1 third person)

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#46 Posted by caseystryker (5421 posts) -

Usually one game at a time. I tend to lose focus on the story if I'm playing too many games at once. :)

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#47 Posted by reaver-x (2795 posts) -
I find it easier to get into the game and enjoy it more if i play it one at a time
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#48 Posted by benjamin_1234 (25 posts) -
I honestly play all of my games and switch them a lot depending on what friends are playing. You get to talk to a lot of different friends and have variety, but at the same time its hard to get much accomplished or get into one certain game very much.
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#49 Posted by StealthMonkey4 (7434 posts) -

I switch around a lot from game to game, I would like to just stick with one game at a time. A lot of times I might just play like the first level before returning months later. It's really irritating as my Platinum times are usually pretty slow (for games I don't complete at once) because I'm constantly switching out between games and I can't really play certain games for more than an hour or so at once.

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#50 Posted by idk761 (3229 posts) -
I usually play one game till death, and then it stays on my shelf for like a year before I replay it. The only game I continuously play is Rainbow Six Vegas 2