do u need to play previous Ratchet & Clank games in order tounderstand the g

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i played like a total of 4 hours in my lifetime with that game because my friend hade some Ratchet & Clank games before i owned a ps2 and only got to play it there and it looks fun.  Is their a storyline to it and if there is will someone please tell me it.  thanks

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maybe the first one in order to understand the characters a little, but other than that, Ratchet and Clank hasn't really changed over the period of the franchise. All of the games has kind of had their own storyline within them the only character that's changed is The Super hero guy(can't remember the name, Captain somethin)
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That would be Captain Quark.
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There are many small plots that carryover from game to game.  The games happen in cronological order.  I recommend playing them all, R&C is very fun.
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It would defintiely help with some of the side jokes. I would compare it to watching a famously funny sitcom, maybe like the Seinfeld. If you sat someone down and had them watch all of the sesaon 6, they would laugh a lot as you would enjoy the new R and C a lot. However, when someone who has seen the first 5 seasons watches Seinfled season 6, they laugh a little more often, maybe getting some nuances of jokes that someone without the history would miss. Make sense? Probably not, but it was my best attempt.
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They're fun, and the story is sorta too wacky to really care what's going on, it's just fun. :)
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I would get a few of the games, they are fun but its not nessacary to buy them all to get the story. Its a game that you can pick up with out needing to know the story, very fun.
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Not really.

The games aren't really plot heavy, and more rely on great gameplay and a good mix of humor.