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Which type do you prefer, Physical Copy of a game or Digital Copy? I only get digital if its a game I will play for a long time or over and over again.

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#2 Posted by Lhomity (508 posts) -

Physical. I'm a big collector of boxed games.

If I can get it boxed, I will buy it boxed. If not, then I'm happy to get it on PSN, but I prefer downloadable games to be cheap. $30 or less is fine. Exceptions made on a case by case basis.

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Physical. You can trade it, sell it, use it as a mirror, use it as a imaginary ninja star when someone busts in your room, collect it, regive it to your little cousin, admire the stack of games you have acquired etc... Digital is just convenient for when both legs are broken and you cant find a driver.

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#4 Posted by ewalthour (841 posts) -

@lacmicmcd: that was corney just like your foolish comments about me returning my watchdog. You proove to me that physical games are better just for what I did. Play the system by returning a game getting full refund then deciding to get the game again. None of this could be done on a digital copy which you ate screwed if the game sucks. I have no idea why people are preodering games like uncharted( which I would be shocked I f its not a winner) but never the less it's still a yr away.

Does Psn take out your wallet preorders immediately and you can't get the money back?

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@Lhomity: I agree to only want digital when it's cheap games and only digital on Psn but in the $10-15 range

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#6 Posted by commonfate (13320 posts) -

With the lack of competition driving prices on digital goods down, piss poor policies on download limits and the always sketchy future on backwards compatibility and ownership issues digital is a last resort. I purchased a few titles off of PSN last gen and articulated something of a defense for doing so on this forum but after starting up a Blu-Ray collection I've had a change of heart.

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#7 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

Physical without a doubt. Games are not cheaper digitally nor are they more convinient because you have to download all of them and delete them if you have a full disc

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#8 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (18977 posts) -

Definitely physical.

Only time I'd buy a digital copy is if it's a smaller title, or it's significantly cheaper (which is usually never the case).

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#9 Posted by lacmicmcd (27 posts) -

@ewalthour: Actually, I believe it's not "CORNY" nor "FOOLISH" to have a different opinion. I'm just stating all reasons why I feel like physical copies are better than digital. I also don't throw $60 video games like ninja stars either.. but I'm not saying if someone wanted to, they can't. I have no problems with trading in a game, but I won't trade in 2 games to preorder a game... then return the game.. then buy a pre-owned version to trade it in again, and then buy the game a second time. Which I felt made your ordeal have zero sense; why not just keep the f*cker or keep your $60 from the first return? If you can't take people criticizing your decisions or engaging in debate over an issue, don't post on a public forum.

But thanks for solidifying my point... if you want to TRADE IN THE SAME F^CKING GAME 20 times, albeit. Just another reason why I feel physical games are better than digital.

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#11 Posted by ewalthour (841 posts) -

@lacmicmcd: I will probably keep the game this time because if i don't return it tomorrow then it will be pass the 7 days. But the point is I can do what the F*&* i want with my games and my life. I have schizo with this damn game with making up my mind if i want it because of all the negative views I had with it such as bad inconsistent graphics, bad story. The game has a great idea with the hacking and being a original IP but it wasn't executed well with polish. The hacking works well but the overall game doesn't feel polished even after 6 months delay. Example, everyone is praising drive club compared to what it look like last yr. The delay for drive club is obviously improved in every way. Now drive club could be the best driver this yr even with stiff competition.

Gamers that believe in physical copies and trading game etc should be the last person to judge how i do my business. If this was GTA 5 or some other great 10/10 game then I can see why they would be irritated why I would return this game then get it back again.

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I'm in the middle so I could go either all depends on the situation.

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#13 Posted by MethodManFTW (26516 posts) -

All digital all the way.

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#14 Posted by HitmanActual (1018 posts) -

If the digital title is adequately priced I have no problem in choosing that option. It's actually quite convenient to play any of your games at the touch of a button, but unfortunately the ridiculous pricing of most digital titles means disc versions are often a better option.

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#15 Posted by marcheegsr (3115 posts) -

Physical till the day im forced to go all digital (if that ever comes)

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#16 Posted by mooooo99 (1252 posts) -

physical all the way.. you dont have to worry about the servers being down in the future and the ability to download and play your game then is gone..

also collection. prefer having a nice library of games i can look at and admire, all the money and time i wasted playing videogames :p

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#17 Posted by MarcRecon (8163 posts) -

@hitmanactual said:

If the digital title is adequately priced I have no problem in choosing that option. It's actually quite convenient to play any of your games at the touch of a button, but unfortunately the ridiculous pricing of most digital titles means disc versions are often a better option.

Agreed and that's why I'm on the fence about this topic. With my PS4,PS3 and 360 combined, about 50% of my gaming collection is digital. I would really like to go all digital but other then it being convenient, it's no real benefit because your not getting it at a discounted price.

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#18 Posted by AJC3317 (2546 posts) -

I generally go with what's cheaper. if it's a newly released game then that's probably digital since there's no tax on the store. but older games get cheap pretty quick on amazon, while price drops take much longer on psn

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#19 Posted by SolidTy (49991 posts) -

Just like every generation, Physical copies is what I prefer.

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#20 Posted by thegamingjunkie (309 posts) -

@HitmanActual yea, completely agreed.

I only buy digitals when the price drops and is cheaper than Physical.

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#21 Posted by BackInMyDay (46 posts) -

Physical. Can resell and if company goes under I still have my game.

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I prefer physical, because I can always trade it in for credit if I want to.

If a physical copy was $60 & the digital was $40 or less, I would buy the digital. Most games are the same for either one.

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#23 Posted by david61983 (288 posts) -

Digital should cost just slightly more than half of the physical copy. Until we reach Steam level prices I will only play physical games unless I get them from PS+.

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#24 Posted by MondasM (1772 posts) -

i prefer digital as i am working and do not like to bother with going to a shop to purchase a game... :)

well, i guess i am lazy in that department... :D

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#25 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

@marcheegsr said:

Physical till the day im forced to go all digital (if that ever comes)

Same and with digital copies, you can't get the awesome Collectors Editions for games

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#26 Posted by robdacool (50 posts) -

Physical of course. Most guys are scared they'd meet someone if they had to go to the mall and buy a game :P

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@The_Last_Ride: the day physical copies are gone is the day I stop playing video games.

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#28 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

@ewalthour said:

@The_Last_Ride: the day physical copies ate gone is the Fay I stop playing video games.

OH come on dude, it's not going to be that bad

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@The_Last_Ride: whatever...I want options and so far i dont see the luxury of having a digital only game. Case and point I have valiant heart and the game froze 2 or 3 times in the middle of playing and I had to go back to save point. This is due to a shakey server where as a physical copy normally want do that in single player unless you are playing online. Imagine the head ache if your digital disc get corrupted and you have to deal with Sony. Yes I guess you can delete disc and reinstall but that still may cause problems.

My biggest issue is the price is the same. Ok you save taxes, who cares. I want $10 off digital copies. Sony saving a sh** load of money not having to use distribution to stores. Maybe sony has to spend more for stable servers...oh they are getting that from Psn members.

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Whatever is cheaper is my preference lol also it depends on the game.

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I prefer Physical disc

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#32 Posted by SpiderLuke (718 posts) -

A lot of times physical, but I'll do digital if it's cheap.

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#33 Posted by Rookerman (27 posts) -

Personally for me, I love to have the actually cases. Love to show them off on my gaming shelf.

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Physical disks !

but buying is too expensive so I rent it.

Buying a game is only a good idea if you tend to keep the game.It's a given that selling the game after playing it will lose money. Downloaded games really have no resale as far as I know.

Renting the game is a convenient alternative. Works out fine since I keep the game only for a couple of months and return it. Costs only a fraction of the price of the new game.

Most of the big rental stores are closed.If you don't have a local small rental store with a decent selection of games, there are online rental sites for games.

Check out : for US only, somewhat expensive !.I think they also have downloads.

MyChoiceVideo Canada based, but supplies US and Canada. I'm with them as I'm Canadian. Great selection and pricing. Overall works fine. Probably adds a day or so to the US, I don't know but should be no biggie. Console games for PS4, etc. no PC games or downloads, just console game rentals

I'm not into downloads as such.


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#35 Posted by thehig1 (7300 posts) -

Digital for PC games, and Physical for consoles.

Obvious reasons, digital games on PC are very well priced, there not on console. Physical copies on console are sometimes cheaper which baffles me

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#36 Posted by mysticaura (26 posts) -

Mostly physical for the obvious reasons, can trade them, sell them or do whatever you want with the physical media. There is only one really good thing about digital which I haven't heard anyone mention, you don't have to change out the disks to play a different game and when your handicap that is actually something to consider. So digital does have that one advantage to me.

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#37 Posted by BLooDKinqTURKEY (14 posts) -

I think physical disk better than digital because sometime digital datas are delete and this is very bad status because it happened to me

My bf3 is deleted and I again started BF3 MP

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#38 Posted by Telekill (8484 posts) -

I will always choose physical media over download any day. As a couple examples, I bought RE Remake HD last Feb and now that Origins Collection is coming and has it on disc, I'm buying that as it's still the best in the series.

Another example, in order to guarantee a physical copy of Shenmue 3, I donated to the kickstarter.

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#39 Posted by Terrencec06 (4020 posts) -

when digital is cheaper, I will switch. You would think a digital copy would save a nice piece of money for a company. but the price is still the same as physical.

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Physical. I have about 50-60 games for my PS3, of which the vast majority (~50-55) are physical. My PS4 came with a digital download for TLOU Remastered, but my other 12 games for it are physical. I like something tangible. It's always fun getting a game for my birthday or Christmas. And it's always fun picking a game out at the store, paying for it, going home and unwrapping the packaging and putting it in your system for the first time. You just don't get the feels with digital downloads. Also, digital games take centuries to download on PS4. Physical discs take much less time since the game data just needs to be installed onto the HDD.

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I'm a bit of both worlds in a ways. I rather have physical hard copies of the game because I am a collector and have quite a collection constantly building but that's more for display. I trust very few people to handle my games and always get a hard time since I NEVER lend games. I do also have a very large collection of digital games as well. (Wii mainly) Digital loads faster, runs smoother, cant get scratched or damaged, (Not counting Data Corruption) ETC. And that's why I on both sides. If i could, I would have digital copies of my games and never touch the physical games again. Just display them.

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#42 Posted by brn-dn (1982 posts) -

Physical every time.

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#43 Posted by luckylucious (1198 posts) -

Physical, I could either way though.

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#44 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (25253 posts) -

Now that my ISP download times are acceptable? Digital. Back when my download times were 1 MB/sec or less, I preferred physical.

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#45 Posted by deactivated-58183aaaa31d8 (2238 posts) -

@thegamingjunkie: Whichever is cheapest.

Games especially on consoles are more expensive than ever. Shaving off the £/$ on each one is more important. I'm actually at the stage where I will not buy a game if it is more expensive than £40.

Like the 12 days of Christmas PSN sale. It is utter crap. Mad Max gets a 40% price cut and is STILL more expensive than Amazon. Buying digital games outside of SERIOUSLY big price cuts is just out of the question.

Metal Gear Solid V got a 50% price cut and was on sale for £30! That means it was £60 to start with! WHO IN THE LOVE OF GOD is going to pay that?!

I'm happy to pay out more for games I really want. I was willing to get Fallout 4 for £40 for example. But I managed to get it on Black Friday for £29.99. From Amazon. There wasn't any digital sale which came close to that.

Frankly I know digital is more convenient and I do think it will take over eventually but anyone who is willing to pay the current PSN prices for games is out of the fucking mind and needs to see a therapist.

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#46 Posted by -ParaNormaN- (1544 posts) -

Hard copy all the way. I don't mind digital games if they're small size. 2D beat em up type of games or shoot em up I'm fine with being digital only. They don't take too much HDD space and you can have a bunch on your system without losing a good chunk of memory. With full games, I prefer the hard copy since video games now range around 80+ gigs. Depending on the game, you can lose a huge chunk of memory space with only a handful of games, and I am no fan of the uninstalling/reinstalling cycle. I don't want to lose time doing that shit when I can just pop a game in the disc drive and start playing. Oh yeah, it's 2015. Goddamn updates...

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Physical. I like to put all the discs in a tub and take a game bath(i have broken SO many games over the years)

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#48 Posted by lensflare15 (6652 posts) -

Digital for PC, physical for console/handheld.

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#49 Posted by Jaysonguy (39454 posts) -

@lensflare15 said:

Digital for PC, physical for console/handheld.

The Christ?


Why on earth would you want physical for handheld?

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@Jaysonguy said:
@lensflare15 said:

Digital for PC, physical for console/handheld.

The Christ?


Why on earth would you want physical for handheld?

Um, why not? I like collecting games for the PSP, Vita, Gameboy, etc. Getting the physical copies saves me from having to keep buying memory cards too, since I get a lot of games for most of my handhelds. What exactly is so weird about that?