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What a game. Haven't even been playing for an hour yet and I love it. Can't believe I didn't pick it up sooner. Did anyone else enjoy this game? And i heard this is a prequel? Any chance that the older ones might be remastered or packaged together so I can play them?
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Any chance that the older ones might be remastered or packaged together so I can play them?flyers_hawks11
Why only you? I think a lot of Deus Ex fans like myself would want them as well, Deus Ex 1 and Invisible War would be a great package :P with trophies :D unfortunately I highly doubt this would happen :( Deus Ex is truly one of the best game' series ever. Each time it's mentioned I just want to install it again!
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#3 Posted by flyers_hawks11 (43 posts) -
It's cool that they give you a choice between stealth and combat. This game was a steal for 20 dollars
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DEHR was my personal GotY for whatever year it came out during. I never played the original. I did buy (and still own) but never played Invisible War for the original Xbox. But HR really got to me like few other games ever do. I especially enjoyed the music. It's a great game. Glad you're enjoying it also.
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ye its a great game. The first is under the ps2 classics i believe..but i dont know how it compares to the pc version.. i hear the ps2 version is sh!t
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#6 Posted by XereoWarrior (135 posts) -
I couldn't understand why people liked this game so much. It had some cool ideas for sure but the gameplay was boring to me.
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#7 Posted by ristactionjakso (6118 posts) -

I really wanted to get into the game. I liked everything about it, except for the control scheme and how you couldnt change it. I couldnt play it very long before taking it back because I couldnt get used to the controls.

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Man... seeing you guys talk about it makes me want to get the game now :(

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me too
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Yep, I also bought it for 10 bucks in a PSN Summer Sale and now I want to buy the physical copy as well. If it was more polished it would certainly be GOTY material
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Really enjoyed this game (though on pc). Damn I'm going to have to play it again now, thanks for reminding me X)
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it really reminds me of some other rpg games like syphon filter
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Thanks for reminding me my friend still has this game from me. Let him borrow it and been almost a year since I let him. Great game and story was cool.
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i loved all of the deus ex games, and the latest addition surely held its place, i have not been able to finish it though, since i was trying to finish the game without killing a single person and at some point i got frustrated and gave up... i have to start over again... :)
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I think I'd rather see a remake of the original 'Deus Ex' than a reissue. It was an incredible game, groundbreaking even, in its day, but honestly it's really starting to age badly. Haven't played 'Human Revolution' yet.

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#17 Posted by Chaos_Bladez (5801 posts) -
I bought it for cheap at time of release and sat on it. I broke it open last winter break and obsessed over it. One of the best games this generation.