Destiny Beta... How are people getting such great weapons

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I've gone to the shops on the tower and I can't find the Galahad or these rifles that have that 60 rating or whatever. I keep finding crap thats only for like level 10 and 20 and yet the level cap for this beta is 8. How are people getting all these great weapons??

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My weapon is a 57. I've played the story modes a bunch, in particular the high level ones and have gotten them that way. I have not bought any weapon or gear.

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IDK either, but I want to find out haha. I assume it's for doing the high level story stuff or something to do with the Iron Banner and Crucible rankings.

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All three of my weapons put out 62, you just have to keep doing the strike

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Destiny has a weak selection of base-model weapons... I hope they fix this in the final version. Add a couple of handguns, smgs, weapons with silencers and basically a more diverse selection of weapon models. I don't like the fact that auto rifle 1 and auto rifle 2 look exactly the same, but auto rifle 2 does 2 more damage.

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most of mine are from rewards or loot drops

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My primary and heavy are both uncommon drops. However my secondary is the standard 28 fusion which has half the base "rating" of a level eight fusion rifle and can't be upgraded; YET it's stats are way better than the higher damage, uncommon fusion that I don't use. I find it does remarkable damage at mid-range and most times vaporizing two minions at a time at close range. Sure, the charge is a bit longer but it still packs a whallop against "same level" or lower mobs. Long-story-short, a weapon's usefulness is not always in the raw rating.

I really hope they decide not to wipe characters after the Beta. I have a level 10, "blue/Rare," sniper rifle waiting for me in my inventory that I would love to level up on explore missions. I'd also like to find a rare pulse and fusion rifles so Bungie all but hooked me with the promise of those two carrots.

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The majority of my "uncommon" weapons and gear I have come from doing the strike on level 8 normal. Actually, if you do any of the missions on the higher levels, you will get some good items dropped. Most are the ones you have to get decrypted.

Also, you can upgrade the attack of the weapon (if it is the green uncommon one) which adds like 5-7 pts to your attack.

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When you select your mission you need to up the difficulty from normal. You should see a skull above the difficulty if you're on the highest one available.

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I went to the vendor and bought a level 8; 57 damage rifle. If you use it a bit, you can unlock upgrades for it that put it to a 62 damage rifle. That's the absolute highest rifle that you can obtain in the beta. That said, if you're talking about the PvP portion of the game, than the Hunter's golden gun power up is the most powerful as it's one shot kills. One of the various reasons I'm not going to bother with the PvP in the full game.

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Well the spot where i farmed everything (160 armor/every weapon kind maxed) was where the last mission is (the level6 mission), where the helicopters and the level16 troll is. Enemies respawn instantly and you just blow them up. Its easy (use a rockets/auto rifle/warlock or titan for aoe spam) and in about 1h of farming your inventory will be full of greens. Doing the strike is a joke if you want to gear up. Also, in that place i got over 10 rares but you can't really do anything so i salvaged them all. I swear if you let us keep rares for the full game and i salvaged that many.................

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