Deleting and replacing a master account

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When I first got my PS3 I was 16 and when I signed up for the PSN I (mistakanly) put in the date of my real birthday. So, I had to establish two accounts; one for my mom and one for me. This sucked BIG TIME. Although I own the PS3 and my mom has nothing to do with it my account is considered a "sub-account" and whenever I want to make significant changes to the settings of the PSN I need to do so through my mother's "master account". So, I want to make my account the master account. I'm willing to start a new account if I have to but (I've tried) it seems impossible to delete my mother's "master account" and replace it with one in my name.

I had to create a PSN ID for my mom as doing so was a requirement for establishing her account. It's super lame and I put no thought into it. Because of this I can not simply change my mom's account name from "Mom" to mine because doing so would mean adopting her PSN ID (which I defininitely do not want). Basically, my question boils down to this: can I delete my mom's account without doing a system restore (as I have an internal memory card on my PS3 that I do not wish to lose and a system restore would delete it) and if not can I change the name of my mom's PSN ID?

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create another acount on the ps3 make an online id, log into your mothers account, log off online (if you set it to automaticly) log into new PSN id. There is no way to change her name though...
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Sorry but completly i don't think completly deleting a master-PSN account is possible ...

However you can create a new master account if you want ... i also wish SONY would add an option to upgrade a sub-account to a master account for people over 18 ...
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silly rabbit, sub accounts are for kids :P

i just made sure my birth date was over 18...

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ok thanks everyone I appreciate your help. I learned my lesson, which is to never tell the truth about my age again lol
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Deleting a master account is easy- just be logged in as that account, highlight that user in the Users list, hit triangle and select "delete". After confirming that user will no longer be on your PS3 (this will also wipe your sub account, most likely).

Now, make a new master user in the Users list with the name you want and go to the "sign up for the PlayStation network" logo in the PlayStation network section. When going through the process select "master account" and enter the log in details. You most likely will have to use a new e-mail address as I do not believe you can upgrade a sub account to a master.

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Sorry for hi-jacking this thread. I am about to sell my PS3 for the 80GB version and need to delete my user account but when i hit the trangle button, all i get is "information". There's no delete option. What do i do? Format the HDD? That will take 4 hours according to the PS3 and i'm scared it will erase more then the things that came with the system, whatever that might have been exactly.

Any info on this? I just want to delete my user account. Not talking online account here, just the user account you log into the PS3 menus with.

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Think you got to delete your ID prior to signing in. Also IF SELLING YOUR PS3, MAKE SURE TO DEACTIVATE YOUR PS3 IN ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT!!! This will drop your ps3 from activated accounts which you can only have 5 active ps3's with your psn id. If you do not do this and get another ps3 and use your same id then to sony their is now 2 active ps3's with your id, hence you could only share your account with only 3 and not 4 others then to trade ps store downloads and such since only 5 can be used.

Just make sure to deactivate your system prior to selling it :)

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You have to be logged in as the user you want to delete. Then, when you hit the triangle button you'll see "delete" show up in a menu along the right side. As mentioned, make sure to wipe out any personal info first, just to be sure (address, cc info, etc.).
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alright so i had a ps3 that broke on me so i had to go out and get another one, when i got it i re established my brothers account because he had the master account and i had a sub account, but i dont know how to get my sub account back. Is it possible or has it just been erased pretty much???:?
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hi there, i need some help wiv my psn account, i signed up on the ps3 when i first got it and now i recently got a psp i signed in on that but if i delete my account on the psp will that also delete it for my ps3,

all info will b much appriecated thanx

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I made a sub account ages ago to another master, is there a way to move it to my new master or do i have to delete it?
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silly rabbit, sub accounts are for kids :P

i just made sure my birth date was over 18...

Lying. And people say its a bad thing XD.
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There is a huge discussion on this exact topic here:
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Make sure you don't have any game purchases or anything on the master account you're deleting because you won't be able to access them once you delete it and make a new master account. I did the same thing but for a different reason. I didn't like my PSN ID anymore and since I couldn't change it, I just made a new account. I wish changing emails, PSN, and master account settings would be easier, ah well it's PSN.
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Hi, my brother recently created a new profile for me on his PS3. He registered me online so I can follow my own trophies etc (my own Master Account). According to a friend of ours, the add-on gaming content (eg: new character skins and weapon packs for Dead Space 1 or character skins for Resistance 2) my brother downloaded on his user profile from the Playstation Store should be available to my profile as we are sharing the same PS3 unit. For some reason only some of the downloaded content is available to my profile (such as the Wolverine costume on Little Big Planet 1) - are some games limited to what they share between profiles on the same PS3 unit? Do I have to buy a Playstation Network Voucher to re-purchase and download what my brother already has? (Once the PS Store is back up and running that is).
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okay so, apparently what i thought was my master acc. is a sub acc. and it says i need to ask the master acc. for permission to sign into PSN? please help
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Is the account psn name for your mom really "mom" cause I would use that LOL

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maybe you could help me, you seem to know the right stuff... once i turned 18 in august i deleted my master account on my ps3, i thought i could simply change my sub account to a master's, which i cannot do. i have no information about my deleted master's account- it was used when i was in foster care, i called up my foster mother and she didn't know any of the information she had me put in the account, turns out she just had me put in random info because she didn't trust me with her real birth-date. now i cannot log into my sub account without first logging into the deceased master's and agreeing to the new terms- which i also cannot do. earlier today i made a new account, entered all the right info, credit cards, and everything. i even signed the terms as you would when you first sign up- but that's not good enough. I've been told to restart everything, but after playing and succeeding in over fifty games I'd rather not. can i turn my new account into a master's without needing my old one?
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You can change your master account by getting on whatever account name then: 1. SETTINGS (far left) 2. SYSTEM SETTING (6th down) 3. RESTORE PS3 SYSTEM You can choose 'quick format' or 'full format' whichever will still swipe the master account. Then you can set a totally new account. I just chose quick format. I had nooo clue what the email or password was and I was pissed I couldn't get a Netflix.... But this 10 minute process JUST worked for me! (;