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#1 Posted by Grphq-Rbn (211 posts) -
Hey i cracked my psp sreen now there a huge black spot on the corner where its cracked what can i do!.....i just got it like less than a month ago!.....HELP!!
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Man mine is cracked to!! im not sure wether to take mine to a game shop or whatever and ask them what they can do.. or to find the warranty and send it away to get repaired. but yeah any any idea would be helpfull.
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Check online for screen replacements, I heard they shouldn't cost more than $60. Anyway, did you crack the SCREEN or the cover? Because covers can be changed for small fees. Also, are you 100% positive that you cracked the screen? My PSP fell once and had this huge black spot right in the middle. I thought the screen was cracked, but I decided to open it.. turned out it wasn't, and it was just.. dirty. Never understood what made that BIG black spot though. Anyhow, good luck.
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Did you get a 90-day warranty? If so, then use that warranty; however, if not, then do what the person above said.

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is it as bad as mine?
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if you got the warranty you should be all set, just bring the psp, and receipt and warranty info back to where you bought it. If you dont, then its probably best to just get a new one.
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I have a question, can you send it to sony and they fix it for you but you have to pay them
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idk about sony but theres a couple of sites that you can send it into and they will do it for like $70
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Thanks guys, buying a new one not an option i just this one like few weeks ago, the entertainment pack so im out 250 right now, anyway im possibly just going to wait and ge a new lcd i was checking them out and there around 60 bucks in deed, so yea, i can still see stuff, so im just going to use it for the music until i can reapair!.....and no its not as bad as the pic...what did you do dude drive a scre driver into your psp!....but by some miracle the outer screen doesnt have not one scratch on it!....but the inner lcd cracked!...cant explain that one..once again thanks homeys
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my inside screen cracked like 3 months ago i havent told my parents i dont know what to do they are going to kill me!!! lol but i found a screen that was like 45 dollars in order to get it i would have to tell them so yeah...