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Okay Im going to use my content manager app on my vita.. Does anyone know what the difference is between using the PS+ cloud storage and using my PC.. Not sure if I did it right but Im trying to make room on my vita so I moved my Uncharted data to cloud storage.. Is that where I want to move it too. Any help would be great, Thank-You..

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Hmm well I'm not familiar with the cloud storage feature so I can't tell you much about the differences, but I might be able to help you with transferring to a PC or PS3.

Firstly, you have the option of wirelessly transferring, or wired transferring.  I'd recommend hooking it up if you're transferring games or big files, because it will take A LOT longer wirelessly.

You download the content manager program for your computer online.  There's a website for it, it shouldn't take you very long to find it by searching for it on google or something.

You will then run the program on your computer, and then your Vita.  You can also set the program to run in the system tray, and I think it works automatically when you hook up your Vita.

Then you have to select whether you are transferring data from the PC to the Vita, or the Vita to the PC.  Everything is handled on your Vita's screen.

There are a few different categories, I can't remember all of them now.  There's one for Vita DLC, one for PSOne Classic game saves, one for all of your Vita's games and programs...  You'll have to do some exploring there because I can't remember exactly how it's all set up right now.

If you want to transfer videos, music and pictures, then it opens up the video, music or picture program alongside the content manager program, and you handle the transfer in those programs.  It can be a little annoying, but it works out fine.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions.  If there's something more specific you'd like to know about then let us know.  I could maybe check it out later tonight after work.

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With a PC, you can copy/backup any type of data, including Music/Videos/Complete System Data/Games. On PS+, you can use cloud storage only for savegames. This is useful because it allows you to keep your progress even if your system is lost, stolen, or damaged. I'm actually quite glad that I did backup my saves now, since I lost my Vita on the bus(it fell out of my pocket) last week. Obviously it hurts, but at least I have the peace of mind of knowing that I haven't lost all of my game data.
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...since I lost my Vita on the bus(it fell out of my pocket) last week...Granpire
Sorry to get off topic, but dang that's too bad. Did you deactivate it since then? Just one more reason why I'm really careful about taking my portable game system along with me to places. As much as I'd like to because of the convenience, the Vita is just way too expensive of a device for me to bring it into the unknown. I mean think about it - you lose the Vita, the memory card that's inside of it, and the game card that's inside of it... Even re-transferring the data to a new system isn't very fun. I'm thinking about taking my Vita along on a trip out of state in a few weeks. I'm still really debating the whole thing. I mean, I don't want to end up in the same boat as you. And I'm sure there will be places to go and things to do while I'm there. But there will probably be a lot of downtime on the long road trip, and in the hours while we're waiting to go to this or that place. It probably won't leave the hotel over the weekend. But do I want to take that chance? Decisions, decisions... Anyway OP, did you ever manage to figure things out?