Connection to PSN timed out?

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I just logged into PSN, and it loaded extrmely slow. So I went to Network Settings and checked my connection I had a perfect 100%, so I I disconnected and reconnected and as it was doing the test it does at the end, it said that I timed out of the Playstation Network. Now this is the first time such a thing has happened. Has anyone else had this problem? Now I am logged into PSN now, but it's still taking ages to load all my friends, which usally only takes a few seconds.
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The only problems I have had lately with psn is that i get disconnected once in a while.
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i have that problem when im online with my computer too and downloadin stuff from bittorrent
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That happens sometimes with me too. A friend of mine (who has a friend who works at Sony Tech Support) said that occassionally, the Sony PSN has slowdowns and timeouts for certain customers because they are performing a firmware/software update, performing maintenance on a slowed server, or putting new servers online. It seems that there is no real pattern to who loses their connection, it could possibly be some encryption that your router is performing when one of these events occurs.

Even when it happened to me, it only happened for a few seconds. No big deal. With PS3 sales picking up due to MGS4 and other games, its only natural that you experience slowdowns as Sony rushes to keep up with new traffic.

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mines been like this for 2 weeks n e ideas cuz up intill then my ps3 worked fine 4 online
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form past three days i m also getting this same msg

browser works even some part of life on playstation also works but everytime i try to log in to psn it says

The connection to Playstation network timed out

man this sux........:(

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I use to get his message when I had crappy internet. Then I upgraded and it works great now. I had satellite and it sucked. They shut my internet off in the middle of the month one time, so I called and they said I used up all my internet time for the month and it was like the 15 or something like that. How dumb is that. It was through directv
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Mine has been doing that for almost a year. and Uncharted 3 is almost out!