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News Items For Feb/03/08

Rumor: 80GB PS3 to be Replaced by 120-160GB?
Sony: "No 120GB PS3 in the UK"
CryENGINE 2 to be shown on PS3 at GDC
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in the US on April 17th
Assassin's Creed Hits The Two Million Mark On The PS3
PlayStation makes a profit!
Sony in Lawsuit Over Buzz Trademark
flOw goes portable, first screens
PSP firmware update rings in Skype

Common Wordage Game Nights

We are working on putting together weekly game nights for all Common Wordage members to join in on. All you need is a copy of the particular game for that week and of course a PlayStation 3. I know Common Wordage covers all Sony related information but putting a game night together for PS3 will be the demise of me. Now I have seen this sort of thing attempted at other unions and in some cases a lack of comitment was found in the unions members. This is why I am only planning a Game Night. If you want it to become a reality an act of commitment is needed. No poll or thread here, just a target. When the Common Wordage Union Member count breaks 120 we will see our first game night. So if you want it, make it happen but inviting your buddys to the union. Help Common Wordage to grow.