COD Ghosts: The Difference Of 'Next Gen' Vs 'Current Gen'

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Hi everybody, I just ordered Ghosts on PS4 and I have looked at Current gen Vs Next gen videos and am not that impressed. But I would like to know aside from the graphics, what else is different between the two generations?


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@kye-mc: There is not very much difference between the PS4 version and Ps3 version. The graphics are only slightly better on PS4, but not near as nice as the new Killzone for instance. The PS4 version is supposed to have slightly better load times as well as a better framerate in multiplayer. I am enjoying Ghosts but its definitely not true next gen. I would definitely recommend Killzone if you don't already have it.

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I thought Ghosts looked better than Killzone actually. Have always think that the lighting in killzone are deliberately made bright thus some may assume more AA applied.

Graphics aside, you get the options to play Ground War on PS4 that is missing on the PS3.