Charging via PC while playing

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I have a problem: my contoller won't charge, at all. It works while connected to the charger, but my charging cable is extremely small. So the way I thought to play is connecting the controller with the short cable to a computer sitting next to me. That way, I could play not sitting right next to the television.

Problem is, when I connect the controller to the computer, it doesn't control the PS3, possibly because it is sync'd with the computer. How can I charge with the computer but still play with the PS3?

Thanks alot!

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Try buying a wall charge for it. I play via wall charger :) Plugged an extension cord to the wall. Cost me a total of 10 bucks for everything

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I can't go out and buy anything. The solution I'm looking for is preventing the controller from communicating with the computer instead of the PS3.