Can't view the "Link With Other Services" option

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I can't sign into YouTube. I keep getting error code CE-38830-2. So I tried going over to the "Link With Other Services" option but I keep getting error code CE-35327-0. I just got off the phone with PS Support. They told me to turn off my PS4, hold down the power button until i hear 2 beeps, and then select the "Rebuild Database" option. I did all of that and it still didn't work. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know how to fix it? I'm about to delete and reinstall YouTube to see if that does anything

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@killerfurries: Should have deleted the app and data and reinstalled first, its a common problem with the app.

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@killerfurries: Having the same exact problem, found a reddit post on it, seems to be affecting quite a few people... still waiting on a solution :(