Can you get memory cards for your ps3

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I have a 40gb PS3 and its already half full with 6 games, is there any way I can get some more memory on their without having to buy a new system

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Buy a external hardrive ;)

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Yeah the external HD or a USB flashdrive.
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There are no memory cards required. If you're running out of space, get a new hard drive.

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Buy a external hardrive ;)


You cant install games on an external HDD.

if you want more room to install games I would recomend that you

replace you internal 40GB HDD with something bigger (eg 500GB).

it is easily dont and wont void your warranty. Not sure if there is a thread

here to explain how to do it but this one HERE is quite good.

Oh and make sure you keep the old drive for warranty pourposes.

(if you have to send you Playstaiton in for repair under warranty you will need to put back in the original HDD)

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Just buy a hard drive. I'm not sure on the specs for external hard drives but for internal hard drives any will work as long as their 2.5'' SATA. I bought a 250GB hard drive a couple months ago and I have 30 games and I still have over 60% space remaining.

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You can get a 250 external harddrive for about 89 dollars US.

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Swap the hard drive. I picked up a 320GB 2.5" drive a couple of months back for $60, they're probably cheaper now.
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You can either use a flash drive to backup save files or as stated before upgrade your hard drive - pretty easy to do, there's loads of info on the web and youtube showing you what to do... Stick to a 5400 rpm drive, 7200 rpm drives create too much excess heat

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Why do you need all those games on your hard drive in the first place? Why dont you just finish the games and clear the HD?