Can a 50hz tv run a ps4 pro at 60fps ???

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Hey everyone so I’ve decided to to upgrade to a ps4 pro and get a new tv. I want to get the most out of the console and new releases coming out so I’m going for 43” 4k UHD HDR. However, the problem is I live in PAL territory (Ireland) so all TVs are advertised as 50hz. I play mostly rpg and single player games so I’m not worried about response time. I’ve heard some people say that their just advertised as 50hz because that’s the frequency stations broadcast at but the panels can switch to 60hz automatically when gaming. So my question is will it run at 60fps or will it cut the frame rate down to 50fps to match the hertz? I know it’s only 10fps but I want to take full advantage of the tech if I’m gonna splash out on it!

Sorry for the long post and I’d reaaaallly appreciate any help as I’m very very confused !!! Thanks

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@pearseb96: Uhhh lots of us live in a PAL region, and PAL/NTSC is dead, its been dead for a long time.

It only applies to analog content, which PS4 (even PS3) doesn't use.

I think you'll be fine.

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@GTR12: aah great thanks for clearing that up. In case you haven’t guessed I’m not very tech savvy lol. Thanks for the help man !

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Not exactly sure

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I will have to check myself.