Calling all Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters on PS4!

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Hello there fellow Vault Hunter and fan of the Borderlands franchise. With Borderlands 3 literally almost here and the anticipation of even more loot. New enemies with all new playable Vault Hunter's there is no better time to be a Borderlands fan. With the added social features that is in Borderlands 3. Having even more friends online is better then ever. So if your one of those people who would like to have like-minded friends, who are respectful, helpful, will have your back when your down in fight for your life.

Then Tactical Gaming Borderlands Division is for you. We at TGBD are looking to grow our Borderlands Community so everyone has that feeling of being the BADASS. No more going at it alone if you don't want, no more hoping you don't get paired with the dreaded RANDOM that ruins your game and fun.

Tactical Gaming has been a community since 2004 and focuses on the improvement of our players in all aspects of the game. If you are looking for a structured environment that will treat you like a adult and help you achieve any in game goal you have. Then this is the community for you. We have recently expanded to Borderlands 3 and we are seeking multiple end-game teams and players to group with.

I am apart of the Playstation Community as I play on PSN. My PSN GT: KingXLeonidous. Although if you don't play on PS4, don't worry there is PC and Xbox communities as well. To insure we have like-minded individuals who wont ruin your fun and game we are 17+ Community.

-We do not allow kids.

-Having a mic is a must, as communication is an essential part of teamwork and team building.

-We are a max level community. We will mostly be focusing on end-game and farming for end-game.

-We have been a community since 2004.

-We have rules to guard against players of a toxic nature.

-Free YouTube team.

-Free graphics team.

-Veteran friendly, veteran staffed.

-Easy to use discord.

-Professional website.

-Friendly helpful staff and members.

-We are also International.

We practice twice a week at night. (8pm est)(Sundays and Wednesdays) (most people are on all the time)

If this is something you, or someone you know would like to be apart of and help grow a mature, fun, and friendly community you can sign up on our website here:

You can put me down as your reference: [KingXLeonidous]

If you have any other question's you can also reach me on my discord. As the TG Borderlands discord will be given to you after signing up. My discord is:

After you sign up, you will receive an email if you was accepted or not. Once you receive the email stating you are have been accepted into our community. You need to take the Boot Camp test. The test serves it's role in our community. It look's daunting, how ever it is not. If you have question's about the test contact me on my discord and I will gladly answer any question you may have. Once you complete the BC test please post that you completed the BC test in the appropriate location on our website.

I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea. We understand and that’s okay but if it is or you want to be apart of a community that is growing into something unique and special by all mean’s, Leave a reply and sign up on the website.