Call of Duty Ghost: HardScoping

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Hey guys!

Just wanted to share my video which I had recently made thanks to the new Playstation 4's feature of being able to record during gameplay. At the moment this video is a compilation of a few nice scenes of hard scoping. I would like to hear your guys opinions as I just started to get into Call of Duty :)

Add me on Playstation Network guys! RB26vspec

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That's called "sniping" or "aiming".

Hardscoping is a noob term created by lame, young children quickscopers who don't understand real life and dislike people that don't play the way they do.

You think a Marine Sniper goes around claiming he's a hardscoper? No, he's doing his duty using the scope the way it was meant to be used. It's called sniping. The scope is not some decorative piece on top of the rifle afterall. The only problem with hardscoping is the generic term itself and the newer term's terribly lame origins created by online kids/teens.

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^ what he said

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I didn't watch the video but hard scoping is the way snipers should be used i absolutely hate the quickscoping community

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Bad Company 2 forever.

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Activision should make it so you can't fire a sniper rifle while standing or moving, period. I would even take it so far as to say they shouldn't be able to fire unless they've been laying down still for more than 2 seconds. No more QS.