borderlands 2 graphical glitches....

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My firends and i got borderlands 2 today, and hopped on about an hour ago. As we finished the opening cutscene my friends complained about checkerboard boxes covering my face and some of the surrounding area. I was confused because i did not have them. I was hosting so we thought maybe if we switched hosts our luck would change. Sadly it did not, the reason i am posting is to see if anyone else is having issues with the game...

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I got my copy for Xbox 360. Explosions and such leave purple and white checkerboards all over the ground. Nothing on character models or anything. I thought it was game related until I asked my friend if he saw them. He did not. Are the discs an issue? Should I return it now?
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My buddy and I started yesterday too. No problems. A little bit of pop in but that is expected with a open world game.