Bioshock Collection Glitches?

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Bioshock: The Collection. Has anyone else had any major glitches? I've had two that are currently crawling under my skin and leaving a baseball-sized lump of misery in my throat. One has to do with a trophy, the trophy where you have to hack a turret. I've hacked probably over 20 turrets and the trophy has never never popped for me. I've shocked/froze it, walked up to it, pressed square to hack, and it turns friendly every time. But unlike everything else in the game, it automatically hacks without any pipe mini game. I tried switching in and out different tonics that might have made me auto-hack it, but that's not it.

The second one almost has me depressed. SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't played the 10 year old game, but I am unable to find Sander Cohen in his apartment. I didn't kill him or even attack him because I remembered from playing the original almost a decade ago that the only way to get into his apartment room was to keep him alive after you complete his "masterpiece." But I go to his apartment in the plaza later in the game and see the splicer couple dancing by the piano, but I do not hear any dialogue from him. I kill them both hoping that he would come down from his room anyway but nope, nothing happens. This pisses me off because I've been playing this game for over 20 hours, taking my time and making sure that I collect every audio diary, fully research every enemy type, upgrade every weapon, etc. I was on target to get every trophy in the game besides the three trophies that deal with the high difficulty settings. I backtracked, checked out every inch of the main room in Fort Frolic including his dressing room and I don't find him. I even reloaded my save file and checked back in his apartment like 5 times and he is still missing. The only thing I can think of is maybe he walked into a turret or Big Daddy when I left him, but I know that he would have likely survived because I remember him being a challenging ass boss battle so he would have survived. Besides, I didn't find his corpse even if that was the case. This leaves me to believe that I've encountered a glitch. So, I can no longer get four trophies: entering his apartment room, taking a picture of his corpse, upgrading every weapon (I remember there being an upgrade station in his room), and collecting every audio diary (I assume there's one in there). I didn't save multiple files but even if I did, there's no way I would do all of that sh*t with the reactor level again. So yeah, I'm f***ed out of four trophies and more devastating to me, cannot relive one of my favorite moments from the original game and really one of my favorite gaming moments ever.

It's just frustrating and it ruins the entire experience for me, which is a shame because the remaster was done so damn well in every other regard. I remember trying to replay the PS3 version after I beat Infinite back in 2013 and I remember it being almost unplayable because of how outdated it was even then. But this remaster plays and looks like it was released yesterday. Anyway, I'm mostly posting to vent because I'm devastated but if anyone else has had any issues with any of the three games in the collection, please share.