BF4 Multiplayer on Wireless Connection?

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I can't get a wired connection to my PS4 (router has to be in another room and it won't reach), is BF4 MP a good experience with wireless? My wireless connection is strong, no problems streaming Netflix in HD.

Last question, I have Killzone...are there any other FPS out or are coming out soon? The next big one I see is Destiny in September.

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1) I use a wireless connection and have no connectivity wise in the 100 hours I spent online. So you should be good.

2) Wolfenstien New order is coming out May 20 and from the gameplay video's its actually looking very promising.

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it depends on where you are living, if you are living in a high risk earthquake zone (i live in istanbul, which is one) depending on your building type (reinforced concrete e.g.) you might get a bad reception even if you have a single wall between two rooms, but if you are living in a building with drywalls then it will not be that much of a problem...

in both cases if you want to get around the problem you can buy network adapters which work over the building's regular electricity grid via outlets, they are fairly easy to setup and are very useful...