Best party combo for P4G and why?

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Im currently using yukiko, chie and kanji but im thinking of using yosuke because of his agi.

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Atm I'm using Chie,Teddie and Kanji and for awhile I was using Yukiko, Teddie and Kanji but I decided to go with Chie instead and use her for ice/melee while Teddie is now my "healer" instead of Yukiko.

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The game is pretty easy... Just make sure you have a healer and use whoever you like the best.

I went with Kanji, Chie, and Yukiko..

Yosuke is a douche bag homophobe.. Teddie was cool mostly but he is kind of a weird bear too..

Naoto is cool too, and apparently a very strong character, but the character is just introduced to late for me.