Best Multiplayer Games for PS3?

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#1 Posted by azahmed (25 posts) -

Hello everyone.

I just bought a PS3. The only game I own so far is Resistance.

I was wondering what your thoughts are concerning the available multiplayer games for the system.

For the guys: what is your favorite multiplayer game? I am looking for a game with replay value and a high fun factor.

For the ladies: same question. Are there any multiplayer PS3 games that appeal to you so far?

Is there a multiplayer game that appeals to both?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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#2 Posted by MassiveKaos (3876 posts) -
Warhawk. Theres currently problems with the rank system so ill hold off on rank matches until its fixed unless you wanna get pissed.
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#3 Posted by CommanderTy (2285 posts) -
Rainbow six man the best multiplayer game out there for the ps3 and plus i got lots of women round my home that play too so im not the only one that thinks its the best game and i still play it today since the day it came out, add me PSN ID: Commander-Ty
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#4 Posted by c0mplex (15382 posts) -
Warhawk is amazing.
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#5 Posted by Lucky413 (25 posts) -
I am a lady and I have two games so far (just got my PS3 for mother's day). I love the multiplayer for GTA 4. The only other game that I have is Heavenly Sword and there is not a mulitplayer for that game. But I would love to get more games to play online. its so much fun!
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#6 Posted by MERC_RECONN (2971 posts) -





MGO...I was in the beta...if they fix some of the flaws, it could rival the other games I have mentioned

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#7 Posted by charomid (901 posts) -
^ i sure hope mgo is good. i would like to play against a lot of ppl without lag and good consistant matches!
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#8 Posted by skaterboy911 (25 posts) -
there are lots of good multiplayer games for ps3 now such as socom confrontation, killzone 2, call of duty 5, call of duty 4 resistence 2 bad company but the best ones r call of duty 5 socom killzone 2 and bad company
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#9 Posted by skaterboy911 (25 posts) -
oh and one more gta 4
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#10 Posted by Generic_Dude (11707 posts) -

For FPS multiplayer, you cannot go wrong with Killzone 2. A lot of people still seem to be playing Call of Duty 4 as well, though, which was also a phenomenal online experience.I imagine that community will die down in November when the new one comes out. Unreal Tournament III is pretty decent -- fast action, great maps -- but if you got only one of the games I just listed, it's got to be KZ2... and that game's community is going to be active for a while.

LittleBigPlanet has good online features -- ones that appeal to all genders, ages, etc. so that might be a consideration for you. They support the game with a lot of DLC (too much DLC, really), they have a ton of contests (via PS Blog)... you can make your own levels if you want to put the time into it, but the single player game is good enough for the price of admission. You see a lot of women playing that game as well, if that helps your question. My gf is even considering making a PSN account just to have her own Sackboy, and she hasn't really been gung-ho about online interaction... which, after experiencing PS Home, I guess I can see why, being that she's a woman and all.

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#12 Posted by Gamereviews2008 (277 posts) -
You only need two for mind - blowing experiences: Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and Rainbow Six Vegas 2/Metal Gear Online
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#13 Posted by Mickeyminime (1388 posts) -

^ i sure hope mgo is good. i would like to play against a lot of ppl without lag and good consistant matches!charomid

Ha!....installing the update took years to download, 1 half days, 3 times it cut off. First time i played it, it was all cqc and no guns. Other rooms i couldnt get in >:(

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#14 Posted by Doolz2024 (9623 posts) -
Get Killzone 2. The best exclusive online multiplayer FPS for the PS3 imo
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#15 Posted by ShuichiChamp24 (5014 posts) -

Warhawk is fun as hell and trying to rank up will keep you busy for a while. Socom is also cool, so is Bad Company, those are all fun. Warhawk is my favorite though.

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#16 Posted by Frank_Castle_AZ (101 posts) -

I'm surprised it took 9 posts for someone to say


It's such an incredible multiplayer game that almost ANYONE can play and have fun with and considering the massive amount of online levels you could never get bored.

When your non video game playing GF asks if she can play LBP, or you can invite another couple over and play together, you know you found a great multiplayer game.


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#17 Posted by R0rschach- (1482 posts) -

All i need is Battlefield: Bad Company, and i'm all set for MP as far as i'm concerned =)

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#18 Posted by Wiiingssbb (1136 posts) -

CoD4. Addictive, good guns, good maps, good controls. Only bad thing is the servers suck. KZ2 i think is 2nd i just can't ever get use to the controls..

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#19 Posted by kansaspwnage (106 posts) -
Killzone 2 Resistance: Fall of Man Resistance 2 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: World at War Warhawk Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots(Well its Metal Gear Online.) That should definitely keel your multiplayer cravings over.
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#20 Posted by deactivated-59506133570df (10348 posts) -

Online - Battlefield Bad Company, Killzone 2, and Burnout Paradise

Offline - Rock Band 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Unreal Tournament 3.

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#21 Posted by kastrato90 (27 posts) -

RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 has the best offline multyplayer. We have a lot of fun

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#22 Posted by Alizerothree (1043 posts) -
Not too many people are mentioning Resistance. Which one has better online MP? 1 or 2? :)
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#23 Posted by omarsh94 (224 posts) -

Call Of Duty: World At War is the best IMO

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#24 Posted by RenegadePatriot (20815 posts) -
  • Killzone 2
  • COD 4
  • Resistance 2
  • COD : World at War
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#25 Posted by JohnM1983 (483 posts) -

KillZone 2 (FPS)
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X (Flight Sim)
UFC Undisputed (Beat'em up)

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#26 Posted by M0wen10 (7555 posts) -

COD 4 and Killzone 2

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#27 Posted by clarkportmanken (1714 posts) -
little big planet everyone always wants to play that when ever they come over and theres always new content
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#28 Posted by pianistkaida (78 posts) -

I'm a lady as well. I found that playing little big planet is really fun because you can play up to 4 people in it. Resident evil 5 has really good co-op play. Motorstorm is fun to play with others as well as soul calibur and other fighting games.

Call of duty 4/5 will let you spend HOURS online playing with others.

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#29 Posted by srdjan311 (1247 posts) -

resistance 2

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#30 Posted by Soenderup32 (25 posts) -

I think that Resident Evil 5, is the most incredible multiplayer game ever! . Anyone know some multiplayer games like that?:D

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#31 Posted by Spoiledgenius (622 posts) -

Killzone 2


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#32 Posted by Lilyungblood08 (380 posts) -

i gotta say killzone and little big planet oo and cod also

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#33 Posted by chaplainDMK (7004 posts) -
id wait a bit right now since alot of new games are comming out that promise awsome MP. DiRT2 is comming out sep 8th or something like that, demo MP is awsome lol Uncharted 2 is also going to have awsome MP since you cant get over a PS3 mp thread without someone mentioning how it will demolish evreything else Borderlands is gonna be a Fallout 3 like FPS but more FPS then RPG, it currently has 17 million (yes i said seventeen million guns) that are randomly generated along with monsters ala diablo and it will have 4 player COOP Ofcourse you have the spectaculary original CoD6 comming out witch is set to revolutionise the online gaming world... ok back to the real world, it will have 50 cent voice acting for MP and dual wielding. Thats what i herd that is gonna be new with it... Those are some of the more promising MP games comming out. Also theres a Little Big Planet GOTY edition with all the DLC packs comming out in NA only soon...
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#34 Posted by Terrencec06 (4015 posts) -

Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, and Socom. Socom still needs a little work.

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#35 Posted by kweeni (11329 posts) -
Killzone 2 my favorite game on ps3 so far
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#36 Posted by kweeni (11329 posts) -
also don't forget Battlefield: Bad Company
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#37 Posted by kingmanbrosky (268 posts) -

gta 4, killzone 2, mlb 09 the show, warhawk... fifa, theres alot

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#38 Posted by abdelmessih101 (5230 posts) -

Resistance 2 is my favorite. Many love Warhawk, but I hated it. Killzone 2 and Call of Duty games are generally the standards for online, and probably what most people in this thread have said and will say.

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#39 Posted by s40756349 (26 posts) -

Best local multiplayer game - Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-powered Battlecars

That game gets a constant 4 player thrashing at our house much to the annoyance of my house mates who need to sleep sometimes... :)

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#40 Posted by Solid_Tango (8609 posts) -
lmao this is a 2 year old thread :D anyways: resistance 2 lbp cod4 team fortress
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#41 Posted by azahmed (25 posts) -

Yeah, but it's GREAT to see people updating my original thread continually as new games come out.

I've been inspired to try games I would never have tried thanks to all your comments. Thanks!

My favorite online game so far has been Resistance 2. The online co-op is really cool.

Multiplayer games I'm waiting eagerly for this year: Little Big Planet GOTY edition, and Uncharted 2.

Get your Portable ID!

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#42 Posted by fize4ever (1650 posts) -

fat prince

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#43 Posted by SPYDER0416 (16736 posts) -

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is great fun, but online is hit or miss. T hunt is amazing, but lots of times there will be barely anyone on while other times the online population seems ot have boomed.

Resistance 2 is great if you enjoyed the first, 8 player co-op and 60 player skirmish is pretty amazing.

Killzone 2 I highly suggest, no co-op or split screen, but plenty of great team based online with plenty of ranking up.

I also enjoy GTA online, but freemode is really the only thing most people ever play outside of the easy 4 player co-op modes.

SOCOM is more for fans of past SOCOM games, its pretty difficult and very team oriented but you might enjoy it if you get in a good clan.

Call of Duty 4 and World at War are also enjoyable, World at War in particular has great 4 player zombies (although you would have to pay $30 extra for all the good maps).

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#44 Posted by DevilKitty76 (25 posts) -
Im a female and I love resident evil 5..
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#45 Posted by BlackhawkBix (258 posts) -

Warhawk!!!! The studio that made God of War helped make it, so you know it has to be good.

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#46 Posted by altairs_mentor (696 posts) -

Battlefield: bad company 2 'nuff said.

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#47 Posted by metalmoog (38 posts) -

I've been playing a lot of Killzone 2 & Uncharted 2 online. Both have really fun multiplayer. Borderlands has the best co-op multiplayer I've seen. I sunk endless hours into it.

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#48 Posted by Santesyu (4451 posts) -

Online - Battlefield Bad Company, Killzone 2, and Burnout Paradise

Offline - Rock Band 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Unreal Tournament 3.

I thought you could play LBP online?
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#49 Posted by bisonfan2010 (630 posts) -


Also there are the sportsgames Modnation Racers is looking like a blast...cant wait for that to be released

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#50 Posted by PetJel (3725 posts) -
Posting in an ancient thread and inb4thelock.