Being wronfully charged for PS NOW

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Hey everyone -

I was just seeing how many people in here have had the problem of SONY charging you for PS Now even if you didn't sign up for it?

I never signed up for the service ever and they charged me for it

Completely unethical.

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@9mmSpliff: And who are "these people" that were charged?

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What's more confusing is, if you have never signed up for it, how have Sony got your debit/credit card details?

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Is there a trial of it or something and did you take part in said trial? If so, it's usually set up for these sort of things so that it automatically subscribes you to the service once your trial is up. And you have to go out of your way to disable this, but it would be on by default. If that's the case, then you're kinda screwed seeing as you would have probably agreed to some sort of terms and conditions that you didn't read. Not trying to sound accusatory but this sort of thing has happened to me twice with Sony. Once for some music service I did a trial of and another time when I didn't want to renew my PS+ sub (at least not using the 3 month option). There's an option that sounds like it would stop it from automatically charging you, but instead it's about sending funds to your wallet or something I dunno.

But if you didn't even do a Trial of it or whatever, then I don't know what to say other than maybe someone else used your credit card information I guess...