AV Component Cable Not Working Properly

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I just hooked up my PS3 with the HD AV Cable to an older model Phillips HDTV and I can't get it to work properly. I have an HD box that is also hooked into the TV, which works fine. I changed the display settings on the PS3 to the AV Cable and to the proper 1080i resolution. After finishing these changes the menu screen adjusts to the new HD settings, but every time I try to test the setting or play a game the screen cuts to black after the Playstation 3 title disappears. The screen flashes and the component setting shows up in the top left corner with either AV2 or AV4 depending on which hookup the PS3 is in (I've tried both on the back of the TV). I'm assuming it's something with a setting on the TV and not the PS3 since all the settings register fine on the PS3 menu screen. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. I can't wait to play Assassin's Creed in HD!
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By A/V, do you mean composite by any chance? Composite can't handle 1080i.....and I think composite is the cable that is packaged with a PS3. You need to buy the component or HDMI cables seperately.... I think....

I bet your HD box is using component cables and not composite cables. I know my Time Warner HD box is using a component cable hookup, anyway.

Composite is video out (yellow), and left and right (red/white) speaker out. Component is red, blue, green video out with optional left and right speaker out... I say optional 'cause sometimes brands of component cable doesn't come with the audio part, guess they expect you to use the optical cable instead, for the sound.

Anyway... try the composite/S-video mode and see if that works. Or go to the store and get some Sony PS3 brand component cables..


on the hints secitionof that link it says:

If the video output settings do not match those required for the TV in use, the screen may go blank when the resolution is changed. The screen should, however, automatically go back to its original resolution after a while. If the screen remains blank for more than 30 seconds, turn off the system. Then touch the power button on the system front for at least five seconds to turn the system on again. The video output settings will automatically be reset to the standard resolution.

Now... if all the above doesn't apply to you..... then I have no clue why you're getting a black screen. Unless.... did you select 1080p as a supported resolution thatyour TV can handle? TV probably can't handle 1080p and you are loading a game that can use 1080p and that could be why you are seeing a black screen.... maybe...... My HDTV doesn't support 1080p.... it's about 5 years old. But you mentioned 1080i....so, I guess that's not it, either.

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i just got that svr 2010 for ps3 and it wont even let me play a match of any kind every time i choose a match it starts loading then the screen turns black an says please wait and just stays there why?