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im in the UK, and since I've had the ps4 i have brought everything digital off the US store (you get the games sooner + cheaper)

Can anyone tell me if the Australian store works the same as the UK/USA store, where the game is available to download at 12:00 midnight?

If it does which time will the Aus store update?

Since infamous second son has a WW release of the 21st i could potentially buy it and download it tomorrow afternoon :)

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It depends on the game. When the store updates is not always exact either. The official PS Blog store update post this week just says the game will be available on the 21st. In theory, that should mean it will there after midnight, but be prepared in case there are problems on the night.

It also isn't necessarily cheaper. Prices on PSN in Australia are generally comparable with EB Games prices. But Big W, JB HiFi, Target and Kmart are always cheaper. Big W is actually launching the game for AU$78 (or $598 for PS4 bundle) for 1 week only as part of a catalog sale. Their normal price is $88. JB HiFi's is $89. EB Games launch price is $99.95.

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@slikonebtz: Double posting to update you on this.

This was just posted on the official PlayStation Blog EU.

So, the wait is finally over. A little over a year after its unveiling at the PS4 announcement event in New York, inFAMOUS Second Son arrives in stores tomorrow. And today we’re happy to confirm that those of you planning to purchase the game digitally will be able to do so from midnight tonight.

And just to recap, there are two options for a digital purchase: the standard version including just the game itself (€59.99/£49.99/AU$ 77.95), and the Legacy Edition, which includes the Cole’s Legacy expansion, four in-game jackets for Delsin to wear, and an additional jacket that unlocks when you complete Cole’s Legacy (€69.99/£62.99/AU$104.95).

If you can’t wait until midnight to Enjoy Your Power, don’t worry, we have you covered! Go to our dedicated inFAMOUS page now and destroy a DUP checkpoint using Delsin’s SMOKE or NEON power. Check it out…

Surprisingly, it IS cheaper on PSN in Australia. Beats BIg W's catalog price by 5 cents!

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The Standard Edition is actually $79.95 on the AU PSN. Also Target are selling the disc version for $74.