Are the Infamous games any good?

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I'm really interested in hearing your opinions about Infamous 1 & 2, but if you have also played Second Son, then please do give your thoughts about that game as well. Would you recommend them or maybe not?

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@worlds_apart: 2 is good, so is first light (DLC for SS but its a stand-alone game), the rest are meh.

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I'd suggest you begin to try out First Light and see if it's something for you. Personally I liked Second Son!

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It's one of my favorite Playstation franchises... I'd think if you like one, you'd like all of them. I wasn't as impressed with Second Son as the first two games, but it was still fun and a good first game to play on the PS4.

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Played First Light and some of Second Son and the demos of the PS3 games, which you can probably still download. No, they're not good games.

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I played the first one. Don't think I ever finished it though. It was fun enough.

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I played the first one but didn't get into it.

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I only played the first one. It was pretty "meh". I'm assuming (hoping) they improved on the formula