Are the Infamous games any good?

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I'm really interested in hearing your opinions about Infamous 1 & 2, but if you have also played Second Son, then please do give your thoughts about that game as well. Would you recommend them or maybe not?

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@worlds_apart: 2 is good, so is first light (DLC for SS but its a stand-alone game), the rest are meh.

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I'd suggest you begin to try out First Light and see if it's something for you. Personally I liked Second Son!

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It's one of my favorite Playstation franchises... I'd think if you like one, you'd like all of them. I wasn't as impressed with Second Son as the first two games, but it was still fun and a good first game to play on the PS4.

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Played First Light and some of Second Son and the demos of the PS3 games, which you can probably still download. No, they're not good games.

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I played the first one. Don't think I ever finished it though. It was fun enough.

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I played the first one but didn't get into it.

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I only played the first one. It was pretty "meh". I'm assuming (hoping) they improved on the formula

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I like the first two games. They are very well paced compared to other games where you play a superpowered anti-hero. Your traversal abilities grow slowly enough for you to really appreciate them, as opposed to Saint's Row IV where from the get go your feet never really touch the ground. Definitely worth checking out. Unless you want to be Superman right away, then get Saint's Row IV instead.